4/14 First CLUBRZ meeting! #lovecars

On 14th of April 2012 CLUBRZ had its first gathering. It was also the first BRZ/86 club meeting in the world.

The trip started as meeting in Subaru headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where five Subaru BRZ's and one Toyota 86 sarted its trip in a caravan and drive to Daikoku PA parking as second meeting point, where then continue to ShinTomei expressway opening. The new expressway was big news, so a lot of cars were there and caused a few traffic jams, but we did not care, as it was a leisure drive and we were not in a hurry :) It was the first day of the new road and first meeting of Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 owners.

Race report: Toyota 86 getting points in D1GP Rd.2 Suzuka

No doubt the biggest attribution from Toyota 86 to racing and motorsports is the D1 Grand Prix series drifting championship. As expected for a new car chassis there are lots of problems and quirks to discover, not to mention that drivers need to get used to a new car. So far neither of three D1 participants has won a podium with the 86, but they`re slowly getting closer.

Drive around Japan mountains in 86&BRZ

Trip to Hakone, Izu and other places around Mt. Fuji and Kanagawa prefecture

Video: Trip to Hakone, Izu and other sweet places around Mt. Fuji and Kanagawa prefecture. This was the first time I actually was sitting inside a Toyota 86 and even got to drive it (not in video). Also got a fun ride by professional Toyota driver, pushing the limits of 86 engine and heavily crossing the limits of tires, of course I cannot show it to public :)
Packed the journey in 20 minute video, please enjoy the sweet roads scen

Toyota 86 and AE86 drive in Fuji Speedway territory

This is the first time I *officially* drove the new Toyota 86 and the old Toyota AE86 Corolla.

Toyota 86 test drive from beginning and AE86 test drive from 13:02 . This is the first time I *officially* drove the new Toyota 86 so I took a video of it. Driving two laps AROUND Fuji Speedway territory (not on the actual circuit), which is HUGE. Then one lap with Toyota AE86 Corolla....