D1GP in Odaiba first day

On Friday, the 13th of April, D1 practice and qualification was held in Odaiba for Tokyo Drift event or round #1 of D1 Grand Prix 2012 series. This is the debut of Toyota86 in D1GP. Unfortunately debut was not so good for Up Garage team. Hibino hit the wall and lost suspension. Hibino advances to top 16, so they are going to try to fix th car till the event. Orido is also in the finals and did a nice run in

Slow updates

I apologize to all readers for having less updates in these 86&BRZ event busy times. I`m spending the best days in Japan that I could only dream of, so I have hardly any spare minutes to use the PC and upload stuff or report. All I do is offload camera stuff to laptop and go to sleep :) Seems like it will be this way till I return home next week.  
So what is missing? 
Updates on Tour de Kyushu, Hyper Meeting in Tsukuba, and wonderful trip with 86 away from the city. And the 86 driven, AE86 driven, ISF CCSR ride, etc! Expect lots of pics and some onboard/offboard videos!

Teaser pics attached: