Toyota GT 86 reviewed by Chris Harris / DRIVE

video: The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS - Chris Harris On Cars

It takes effort but it's well worth itVideo: The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS - Chris Harris On Cars.

One of the most anticipated new cars of 2012, the Toyota rear wheel drive entry level sports car with too many names: GT-86, FT-86, and FRS. Also known as the Subaru BRZ. Chris Harris travels to Spain to get the most ouf a short session in the car.

There was a lovely moment when I asked Tetsuya Tada, Chief engineer on
the GT 86, what the car's Nurburgring lap-time was, and he just smirked.
Because I was already laughing myself. I suggested 11 minutes. He said
he didn't know and didn't care..

Subaru BRZ STI Concept (Speedhunters)

Come April it's going to be a mighty hard choice for potential owners of the 86 and BRZ. Which car to go for? They are virtually the same vehicle, no major differences except the badges and of course similar prices.  However, once the car you see here hits the showroom it's going to be might hard not to go the Subaru route. STI have been teasing us with modified versions of the BRZ, first at the LA Auto Show with the first concept, and now with this closer to production version that was shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month.

Video: HKS COMEBACK with 86 in D1GP

【2012 D1グランプリに参戦】HKSが86でD1にCOMEBACK!!

HKS Co., Ltd.( head office Co., Ltd.: Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka, the president: Hiroyuki Hasegawa) performs three series in "2012 D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES" which are the highest peak of the drift.
The motor sports activity is the origin of "the challenge spirit" of HKS. HKS wants to always share a dream and an impression with a visitor by I advocate own dream and will highly, and challenging it.

A Tech Look Under the Scion FR-S

Our friends at MotoIQ have done a good job reviewing the Scion FR-S at the reveal party at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. While Annie Sam visited the Scion FR-S rollout and reviewed other Toyota sports cars at the party, John Frink did a great general review of the Toyota and Subaru joint project and the Scion FR-S in particular! Few days later MotoIQ crew visited Greddy and did a very close inspection of the Scion FR-S suspension. Mike Kojima wrote a very good article from a racer/tuner perspective to explain the good and bad points about the Scion FR-S (or Toyota 86 in general) including suspension and tuning, brake and differential upgrades.

Toyota 86 (Holiday Auto Motor Magazine Jan 2012 DVD)

Video of Toyota 86 from Holiday Auto Motor Magazine January 2012 DVD
This is video from the DVD that came with Motor Magazines January 2012 issue.
It's in Japanese, but you can see the car in detail. The car data and information on the screen is often English so you can follow along.
Starting from 12 minute you can see all available color options. All driving on a curvy road close to tire grip limit - check the body roll - its barely noticable!