Sourcing replacement parts for your project

So you have bought your brand new Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86. No matter the use if you just daily drive it or use for ultimate rebuild to sportscar project, sooner or later you will need new parts or used replacement parts. If you're on your five year warranty and don't modify the car, warranty or insurance will cover repairs with brand new parts from Toyota/Subaru. What if you don't have that backup? Here is a quick guide that might come handy.

Monster Sport Super 86

Early March 2013, somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture....

Early March 2013, somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture is this heavily modified Monster Sport Toyota 86. Remaining snow in the mountains, unique beat racing engine that is highly tuned to echo still. Jet-black body with a sense of mass penetrates the gaps in the trees. Set up low bonnet. Headlights cut through the air was dignified. Its TOYOTA 86.
Up to every machine pace laps. Ii ran over to dance like a rough road. "Monster" Nobuhiro Tajima driver. Man who was called "King of the Mountain" in the United States Pikes Peak world's top drivers gathered.

GT86 Britcar 24H Review 2012

Toyota GT86 made its racing debut in the Britcar 24 Hour at Silverstone in 2012. Meet the drivers, watch race highlights and find out how the car performed.

Team Toyota GB is celebrating a remarkable UK racing debut for its GT86 sports car , which claimed eighth place overall and third in its class in Britain’s toughest race, the Britcar 24 Hours. Crewed by a four-man team led by Chris Hodgetts,Toyota’s double BTCC champion of the 1980s, the near standard GT86 ran faultlessly throughout its 512 laps and 1874 miles around the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

Featured - Do Boy's turbo Scion FR-S Build

do boys scion frs - tune86 featured carHere comes our first featured car post! This is Anthony Do (Do Boy) representing Inline Racing and Houston86 club with his sweet Scion FR-S "DARTH RAVEN". His FRS is one of the finest street driven new hachis. Picked up on 06-09-12, already packing quite a few modifications but still keeping a clean street look. Starting with tints on windows and tails, LED and HID installations and rims, finishing with coilovers, carbon aero bits, big brakes and full exhaust system and bigger future plans. Here goes the current mod list..

Toyota 86 Wins Worldwide Recognition for 2012 Return

It's been a year since Toyota 86 was revealed in Gazoo Racing Festival by the end of 2011. After a long 10-year wait, fans of the Toyota were finally given a treat in 2012 when the brand returned to the sports car market. And the 86 far from disappointed. In fact the super car has been met with worldwide recognition for its contribution to the industry as experts, journalists and critics looked back over the past year of best buys and cars of the year. It was hailed as a beacon for what sports cars should ultimately be: Fun, fast, affordable and with one purpose – to be driven. Global acclaim across the Middle East, Americas, Australia and ...

D1GP Tokyo Drift in Odaiba - final race of 2012

D1 Grand Prix drifting championship – “Tokio Drift", Odaiba – December 1rd

The D1 season has finally reached its crescendo as the final races of the championship took place on the Odaiba course last month. Despite already competing in Odaiba in the opening round, racers were faced with a new challenge this time around. A completely different layout was installed for this event. With the acceleration zones noticeably narrower, judgement had to be careful and precise to gain points on this course. The twisting tightness of the track meant there were plenty of talking points. Spin outs, wall hits, smoke screens provided for a high-octane event from beginning to end.