D1GP Tokyo Drift in Odaiba - final race of 2012

D1 Grand Prix drifting championship – “Tokio Drift", Odaiba – December 1rd

The D1 season has finally reached its crescendo as the final races of the championship took place on the Odaiba course last month. Despite already competing in Odaiba in the opening round, racers were faced with a new challenge this time around. A completely different layout was installed for this event. With the acceleration zones noticeably narrower, judgement had to be careful and precise to gain points on this course. The twisting tightness of the track meant there were plenty of talking points. Spin outs, wall hits, smoke screens provided for a high-octane event from beginning to end.

2014 Subaru BRZ STI's Power and Performance Upgrades Will Offer Up To 230bhp

subaru brz stiHighly anticipated STi version of the Subaru BRZ, the concept model for which debuted back at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show, is set to offer up to 230bhp as well as numerous other power enhancing features.

Since its initial reveal at the LA Auto Show, Japanese car manufacturer Subaru have remained relatively tight lipped about their souped-up 2014 BRZ STi. In a conversation with Auto Express at the 2011 show, Subaru global marketing manager Atoshi Atake said only the following,

Toyota EDT 86 walkaround

Toyota Emirates Drifting Team 86 built by Extreme Performance Garage
Toyota Emirates Drifting Team 86 built by Extreme Performance GarageBuilt by Extreme Performance garage, driven by triple champion Ahmed Omran Al-Amri. This is Emirates Drifting Team Toyota GT 86 with 2JZ swap. Of course it comes with many custom upgrades and fabrications, see yourself.

Excellent group buy: Yellow Speed coilovers!!

Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Sport coiloversYellow Speed has added coilovers lineup for Toyota 86 / Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ! We have teamed up with ScionPro.com and set up group buy on Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Sport coilovers!
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Crawford Performance BRZ having fun

400+ HP Turbo Subaru BRZ Drifting and Hooning at SubieFest 2012 by Crawford Performance

A quick clip of Crawford Performance's turbocharged Subaru BRZ testing on the wet skid pad at SubieFest 2012!
Crawford Performance has successfully built the BRZ's FA20 engine into a monster, by lowering the compression ratio and bolting on a massive turbo and FMIC with over 20 PSI of boost and 400+ horsepower!

Pictures of SubieFest 2012: http://brz-club.com/forum/showthread.php?611-Subiefest-2012-Picture-Thread!

CLUBRZ meeting 6 Oct 2012

CLUBRZ will host [CLUBRZ 100BRZ Meeting] on 6th of October 2012 at Museo GOTENBA. This will be the biggest BRZ meeting yet.
Many brands will attend this meeting, including STI come with their BRZ STI concept! Also Prova,YR-ADVANCE,BRID,CUSCO,PLOT,Marche.
YOKOHAMA Rubber present special program. its maybe test-drive with their 18inch tyre & wheel set on a CLUBRZ Car(BRZ) and special program for BRZ owners.
Pro-Photographer will shoot a limited session for 10 owners in a photo studio in a Museo Gotenba.