Toyota Emirates Drifting Team goes 86

Toyota Emirates Drifting Team led by Ahmed Al Ameri, the UAE drift king will modify Toyota GT86 to race it through events

AFM Toyota UAE are proud to announce the launch of the Toyota Emirates Drifting Team led by Ahmed Al Ameri, the UAE drift king who last week was crowned season's champion for the second successive time.

Since making his professional drifting debut in 2010, Ahmed Al Ameri was always loyal to the Toyota brand. As part of the plan, the 27 year-old Abu Dhabi-born driver will be modifying the Toyota 86 in the summer to race it during the remaining 2012 and 2013 championship seasons.
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Subaru BRZ compared to Scion FR-S (stock)

Scion FRS vs. Subaru BRZ on Track - Everyday Driver

Guys from Everyday Driver wondered just how similar the Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ twins feel behind the wheel. Some back-to-back time on a racetrack proves very revealing. The choice will be different for different drivers. But at the same time these are stock cars. Once you change out the suspension the twins will be identical!

Race report: Subaru BRZ GT300 at Super GT rd.3 in Sepang

On 9-10 June round 3 of Autobacs SUPER GT was held at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. The circuit has proper facilities for a Formula 1 Grand Prix such as a grandstand and pit building, and among drivers, the track is known as being a worthy circuit to aggressively race on. Sepang's track has a technical layout with a series of mid-speed combined corners and so is challenging. Lap times compared to other racers were very consistent during the practice, free run and qualification 

BRZ Front Pipe Design and Proving by PERRIN

Sticking with the theme of free flowing and 2.5″ tubing, the next restriction in the exhaust system after the catback exhaust is the Front Pipe for the BRZ. For all you STI and WRX fans, think of this as the downpipe for the BRZ.  Looking at the diagram below, you can see the Front Pipe is after the header and over pipe, but before the catback system. Jeff Perrin changes the front pipe to his own fabrication and shows some unleashed horsepower.

BRZ Catback Design and Proving by PERRIN

By Jeff Perrin. We have only had the car for a couple weeks now, but we have been looking at the BRZ/FR-S world for months trying to figure out what customers are going to want. From what we see, one of the most talked about parts is a catback exhaust system. People want this for freeing up some HP and adding some sound to the car. With both these things in mind we set out to build an exhaust system to satisfy...

4/14 First CLUBRZ meeting! #lovecars

On 14th of April 2012 CLUBRZ had its first gathering. It was also the first BRZ/86 club meeting in the world.

The trip started as meeting in Subaru headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where five Subaru BRZ's and one Toyota 86 sarted its trip in a caravan and drive to Daikoku PA parking as second meeting point, where then continue to ShinTomei expressway opening. The new expressway was big news, so a lot of cars were there and caused a few traffic jams, but we did not care, as it was a leisure drive and we were not in a hurry :) It was the first day of the new road and first meeting of Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 owners.

Race report: Toyota 86 getting points in D1GP Rd.2 Suzuka

No doubt the biggest attribution from Toyota 86 to racing and motorsports is the D1 Grand Prix series drifting championship. As expected for a new car chassis there are lots of problems and quirks to discover, not to mention that drivers need to get used to a new car. So far neither of three D1 participants has won a podium with the 86, but they`re slowly getting closer.