Thanks Kevin–I will definitely try your method. I look forward to reading even more of what you’ve so kindly shared with everyone. Thanks. Thru the years, she became forgetful…and stopped watering her plants…and the houseplants were all gone the next time I came home. Choose from a wide selection of easy-to-grow upright and trailing varieties. Their plants are said to be suprrisingly large and well-established, sometimes blooming when they arrive. I want to know about that knife you are using to slice the rootball! Thank you SO much for the detailed directions. Plastic bag humidity domes are not used outside, just indoors under the grow lights. Gosh, they are already putting Christmas stuff out in the Home Depot. Thanks for posting this timely tutorial. Play as much as possible! I allow them to go semi-dormant by keeping them in a cool place (not dark) and allowing them to become dry. I have a favorite, but tired-looking geranium that will likely benefit from I have a zebra plant for about a year it is growing very tall. Thanks, and Happy Holidays! You described it exactly as I remembered it. I have four ancient (15+) years old mother geraniums. OH I should tell you this—you know those “suckers” that form when the plant is looking for light? I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. (I’m not a winter loving person. unless im getting cuttings from it.. i know this one guy that has had a geranium for 7 years with out cutting on it and it still looks the same but now is like a small bush or shrub and is just growing well in the spring and inside in the winter months.. anyhow i need to pollinate mine so i’ll get seeds from the flowers i’d like to start a new plant from seeds not just cuttings. I was inspired by this post in A Garden For The House showing how to rejuvenate geraniums to bloom in the winter. Every winter I just bring them inside, put them insouth facing windows, and water once a month. ASPARAGUS MARY WASHINGTON Pack of 2. It is still thriving and since she passed away in 2012, it is a nice on-going reminder of her. I am now fearless in scooping the geranium out of its pot, scraping 2/3 of the old soil and piling it next to my roses, ready to use to cover them after the first hard freeze. Got the LED shop lights there too). I do not allow them to flower [this will zap their energy]. In your case, I suspect both desert-dry air and over-watering. Excellent! Amazing! Many thanks Kevin for the post on extending the season for pelargoniums. I just a,few minutes ago planted it in a 4″ pot. Yesterday we saw a strange bug on our roses and my husband thought it was a strange variety of Hummingbird. The median age of Southborough is 43 years old. Today I took the lanky non blooming geraniums and cut them back and by cutting the roots knew this was going to make the best geraniums for my south facing windows this winter. You inspired me to tackle the huge task of repotting my geraniums and slipping them. Have fun with your project! Sara – So sorry I missed your question! I may have to try this!! I’m going to look for it now to work on my geranium, and don’t get in my way. Your email address will not be published. Any suggestions I just wanted to tell you I found this germanium bush at this place we always go to eat. I now will have to hang my new little plants in my living room by my E-SE bay window~by my large (6′ long) spider plant and a philodendron. This year was not so good for my roses. Chopsticks would also work, or slim branches from trees. Thank you! Your winter window is an eye-popper and must give you great pleasure in the cold months. I have not fertilized. Thanks to your helpful tutorial, I now have lovely white geraniums blooming in my windowsill on this dreary January day!! It is white but really doesn’t look like a geranium. Never fails me. Most spring-blooming bulbs need to be exposed to 8-10 consecutive weeks (or more) of winter temperatures that are 7°C or colder. Kevin, I have been growing geraniums for years now here in SE Colorado out on the plains. Thanks for your blog, I do enjoy reading it. The growing part of the plant is the tip (the apical meristem is what generates new plant growth). We’re going to fix this. Kevin you are so wonderful to keep this blog. In fact I had the screened-in porch on my 113-year old home converted to a sunroom with extra-wide sills to house my geraniums, along with a 7′ tall umbrella plant, 5′ tall corn plant, blooming impatiens and begonias and assorted smaller green plants.. My windows have a south and west exposure partially shaded with huge old elms. Thank you for this post. Plants delivered to your door with easy care instructions. I must tell you some time about my never blooming ‘endless summer’ hydrangea.bye now. Love your posts. I have always wanted blue in my garden, but the blue perrienials are too short lived. Hi Robert – Yes, like Dorothy in Oz. Thank you so much for your wonderful information. I love geraniums. Both genera belong to the family Geraniaceae. I have ordered from them several times (most recently five years ago) and their plants have always been well grown, properly labelled, nicely packed, and promptly shipped. Geranium is also the botanical name and common name of a separate genus of related plants, also known as cranesbills. Kevin, I was so glad to read your post on the overwintering and care of zonal geraniums. OKLAHOMA, This is my first year growing geraniums so finding your tutorial is a great help for me. There’s nothing so cheerful as blooming geraniums on a winter windowsill! We can get very harsh winters, down to -20C, with deep snow, but for the last two years the winters were long but not so … I’m in western Mass. My geraniums bloom from May to October (or later). Now I know what my poor geraniums need. Since learning that they are rare I bought my favorites: True Rose, Lemon Prince Rupert and a Lemon Rose one. There is no vigorous growth during this period. Thanks, Kevin, for reposting this valuable article. Thank you, […] hanging basket that I got for my birthday (pictured near the top of the post). Another plant I love that is perfect for a small house is Oxalis – goes dormant when not watered and can sit in my cellar through the winter.

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