4-1 Modular exhaust header

4-1 Modular Header for Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86. Designed to be upgradeable to a great flowing turbo manifold down the line.
For all those who have been pondering what route to take we have a solution for you. With our new V2 Turbo kit complete we wanted to provide the NA guys a simple transition. Allot of our customers have been holding back from buying header because they wanted to at some point go with aturbo either down the line or once their warranty was up. We we redesigned our turbo manifold to suite a proper solution. Its a simple straight forward 4-1 header with the ability to convert to a forced indution kit. Its being use on our new V2 turbo kit with a base price of $3500. What this allows you to do is get a $700 discount when you decide you want to go with our turbo kit while still being able to tear up the pavement and make pretty remarkable power NA. We tested this on one of our customer forum member Reeves. He already has our Stage 2 Tune and CAI as his only mods. Which he made a conservative 174hp 139tq with when tuned a little over a month ago. Well he made another trip down from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale because he wanted to be the first to get this header and an E85 tune since he now has a local station to fill up at. This was done on the exact same dyno so that it would be easy to see the results. His mods this route was our NA 4-1 header with Hi-flow CAT and resonated front pipe. He is still on his stock exhaust.
not bad for less than $2500.00 total investment with upgrade-ability still maintained to add a turbo down the line and recoup $700

Catted Hi-Flow Version $950
Catless Version $850.00

4-1 Modular exhaust header
4-1 Modular exhaust header scion frs
4-1 Modular exhaust header subaru brz
4-1 Modular exhaust header turbo subaru brz
List price: $900.00
Price: $850.00
Weight: 25 lb
Dimensions: 100 cm × 100 cm × 50 cm