Best Car Magazine featuring FT-86 concept

Toyota FT-86 concept digital renders featured in Best Car magazine. FT86 and MR-S concept on magazine cover:

bestcar may 2010 - Best Car magazine cover photo, May 2010 issue. FT-86 and MR-S digital renders on cover

Here is quick google translation of BestCar mag description:

'Best car' May 10th number
Price: 230 Yen issue: The kodansha publishers, ltd. B sea/Kodansha publishers, Ltd.

Now with the number, 2 new models are introduced as the “Toyota new sport plan”.

As for 1 units, 'about approximately 500,000 Yen than FT-86 concept' cheapness the FR sport which is rumored.We assumed that the amount which FT-86 concept at the beginning has planned compared to 500,000 - 600,000 it becomes Yen high as however we have assumed that this FR sport plan surfaced.

Already 1 units, 'MR-S' as hybrid specification, those which it revives.With this journal, looking at the popularity of HONDA 'CR-Z', it has thrown.

Becomes matter of concern the article… which- The toyota new sport plan- 4th Japanese grand prix- Automobile robbery white paper- Three these Kazuhiko eventful outlines

Another edition of Best Car, another rendered speculation. In its latest edition, the Japanese magazine features a story on a more hardcore version of Toyota's forthcoming rear-wheel drive sports coupe which it names the "FT-86F".

Being that the article was written in Japanese, details are limited, but we assume that the magazine suggests the "F" version would fit between the standard FT-86 and the track-ready "G" model that was previewed in concept form at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

The speculative renderings show a more aggressive outfit for the FT-86 "F" with a new hood, massive air-intakes on either side of the new front bumper, side air vents, a large rear wing and center-mounted exhaust tail pipes.

obviously a poor photochop material of early 2009 october press photos (first FT-86 pics)

another Best Car Japan magazine rumor:

FT86 Release Postponed, Design Changed May 26, 2010

According to Japan’s “Best Car magazine”, the FT86’s release date is set to be postponed a further 2 years with the goal posts being shifted from a 2011 release date to 2013.

Toyota are offering two reasons for this reported delay. It is said that the design is going to be amended yet again, indicating a fresh source of frustration for fans of the car the world over. Toyota appear to have gone to lengths to reiterate that the concept we have all seen at the 2010 TMS was only that; a prototype and they have left the door open for further changes to its shape.

Best Car has also said that according to the data from the newly formed TMJ group (Toyota Marketing Japan), fears exist that the release date for 2011 may be premature – with a global economic slowdown effecting sales and with expectations that the sports car market is going to take longer to recover.

With the car slated to be displayed again at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, Toyota are also said to be taking a hard look at the success of Honda’s CR-Z, with its hybrid engine the main focus and this may end up influencing the development of the FT-86.

Interestingly, Toyota is said to be planning to sell the car in Japan for a little over 2,000,000 yen – quite cheap in itself but it is too early to say for certain.

Indeed many things about the development of this car are uncertain and this cannot be helping the confidence of the legions of people hungry to get their hands on this car when it does in fact go on sale officially.

As it stands, this latest round of reported changes lend lend themselves to the impression that Toyota appear to be doing their best to score an own goal with this car.

Source: Best Car Japan

Words: Adam Zillin (7Tune)


with previous articles from Best Car, please dont take this too seriously as it is probably just a rumor.

Another new rendering from Best Car Magazine. Looks odd. Like a Fiat.