Subaru FT86 rumor by Auto Express have designed a new sketch for "a subaru version of FT86" that would never actually be created aside from photoshop and paper. But they added some elements from the Impreza concept and the sketch does look good, especially the rear of the car, which is a bit nicer than the FT86 rear lights/bumper. The arcs make the car look more aggressive.

Auto Express sketch of subaru ft-86 / toyobaru. front designAuto Express sketch of subaru ft-86 / toyobaru. rear design featuring elements of Impreza concept.

They even push it a little further and make up numbers:

"This unit currently produces 148bhp in the Impreza hatch, but a new cylinder head with revised camshafts, pistons and valves will raise that figure to 200bhp. The 0-62mph sprint will take less than seven seconds, while a top speed of 140mph is expected. Using Toyota’s expertise in fuel efficiency, economy of 40mpg should be feasible, too. However, we can expect a more powerful 300bhp turbo version to follow."

I wonder what is their intention? Just to gather webpage visitors to the site? Anyway the comments on their post show that people believe them on every single word and this fact just makes it worse.
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