Hachiroku Damashii magazine first issue ft AE86 and FT86!

As featured on our news article Hachiroku Damashii magazine about AE86 and FT-86!

The first release of the magazine was released on January 26th, 2010!

as mentioned earlier, there were two postcards about the magazine at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010:

Hachiroku damashii postcard 1 with ae86 and ft86

Hachiroku damashii postcard 2 with ae86 and ft86

now here is the Hachiroku Damashii (The soul of Hachiroku) magazine with FT-86 G Sports on its cover!

Hachiroku damashii magazine cover with FT-86 g sports concept on cover

Dear God! Can you post some pictures of inside the magazine?

This is very, VERY good news! now Toyota cannot abandon the concept ;]

another shot of the Hachiroku Damashii mag from Minkara:


anybody got the magazine?

Here is the full first issue of Hachiroku Damashii magazine!

Restoring hachiroku, always in progress.