Red FT-86 concept and Corolla AE86 at Toyota MegaWeb

FT-86 concept and Corolla AE86 at Toyota MegaWebSoon after Tokyo Motor Show 2009 the red FT-86 Concept and red AE86 Trueno Levin were taken to Toyota Megaweb. Now both cars are available for everyone to see in person. Check out the photos!

About MegaWeb: Megaweb is part museum, part auto show and part theme park. Megaweb is a sprawling two-story enclave that dwarfs most auto dealerships. Inside you’ll find every single automobile sold domestically in Japan under the Toyota and Lexus brands. In typical auto show fashion, you’re able to sit in the cars and poke around them. If you find yourself absolutely smitten with the Wish or iQ of your dreams, you can actually register and take the car of your choice out for two laps on the Megaweb test course, for a small fee.