Toyota FT-86 II Concept at Geneva 2011 International Motor Show

First photos of Toyota FT-86 II Concept from Geneva 2011 International Auto Show

I liked the original concept better :-/

Restoring hachiroku, always in progress.

Oh nooooo! The handbrake caliper is gone!! :D And those LED lights are fugly.

Looking at the last pic I see nothing but Celica form and styling. I believe more and more it could become a Celica FR-S. Thats ok.

Current design surely has too complex composition on front and rear bumpers which are way too costly for the production car. The other problem is - the bumpers should be easy to replace cause these cars WILL spend a lot of time at the track.

There is a huge similarity with Lexus CT200h by Five Axis.

I really hope those rice lover elements will disappear. The rear spoiler and bottom side of the bumpers are my biggest complaints of the visual aspect.

funniest review ever: "It is just the opinion of me and some others to go back to the original design. It would be like if you were dating a beautiful woman, say Eva Longoria and then fake-baked, fake-nailed, and tramp'd her up in clothes until you had Snooki... We'd tell you to go back to the original one."

I love it. I don't have any complains. Looo e it!

Here is another video from Geneva Motor Show 2011

FT86 II size comparison vs Miata, Genesis Coupe and Mustang: