NoriYaro: Subaru BRZ official launch in Tokyo

Exhaust Note RE-MIX NIGHT: Subaru BRZ official launch in Tokyo

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The other night, I attended the official launch of the Subaru BRZ at
Studio Coast, a live-event and nightclub venue down by the water on
Tokyo Bay.

In typical “car show reveal” fashion, the back of the stage slowly
opened up with lots of smoke and backlighting, and then the BRZ rolled

Try to pretend all the lights are animated, with coloured strobes etc.

With the music still playing, the BRZ sat there looking cool as videos played on the screen in the background.

A staffer opened the doors for a minute, then came back and closed them again.

Then out came Meisa Kuroki, one of those model/singer/TV
“personalities” that act as eye candy at product launches, and a DJ from
Tokyo’s J-Wave radio station, wearing jeans that were far too tight.

After they did an inane interview that contained questions like
“Where would you like to drive the BRZ?”, they played the music video
for “Breeze Out”, Meisa’s new single that has been branded as the BRZ’s
official theme song. The music video features the car in various ways,
and has lots of atrocious dance choreography, like the stuff you usually
see on k-pop videos.

The song was meant to launch this week sometime, so it might be on
Youtube by then if you really want to search for it. I might add here
that her other latest single is used on a TV commercial for Seiko
watches, but let’s not be cynical.

After they all cleared off stage, the ropes around the car were
removed, they started playing UK drum and bass again, and everyone else
crowded around to get their own close-ups of the car.

They had an open bar and food in the room near the entrance (the one
with the stripper poles, for anyone that’s been to Ageha), so I helped
myself to a couple of vodka tonics before they closed it.

In all, it was pretty cool as far as these sorts of things went, but
it was still just a presentation and stage show.

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