Toyota 86 / BRZ / FRS price

Possible Toyota 86 pricing in Japan

RC: 1.99 M Yen (about $25K)
G: 2.41 M Yen (about $31K)
GT: 2.79M Yen (about $35K) -> This is roughly an FR-S mono spec equivalent
GT Limited: 2.97M Yen (about $37K)


translated via Google:

Compact FR sports car Toyota to launch this spring, "86 (Hachiroku)" revealed a grade and price.

And customized for motorsports grade "RC" from the highest luxury equipment such as installing a senior grade leather seats "GT Limited" is lined up to four wheel type, two grades above average manual (MT) and automatic (AT) to provide two types of six-stage gearbox. Suggested retail price of 305 million yen from $ 1.99 million GT Limited's RC (car AT) up.

Stores authorized to place staff with expertise, such as motor sports, "Area 86" as well developed as to deploy the cars on display in stores usually listed in the slogan vehicle development company "FUN TO DRIVE AGAIN" to realize the measures to stimulate demand for a wide range of products.

"RC" became the cheapest ¥ 1.99 million, the standard grade "G" yen 241 (6MT), grade of senior "GT" yen 279 (same), the highest wear equipped luxury "GT Limited "297 million yen (same). 6AT is set above the grade of G, G 6MT is high compared to 70,000 yen, and the GT series high of 80,000 yen.

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