Scion / GReddy Racing FR-S Formula Drift

This is Greddy Performance and Scion Racing project - Scion FR-S built for Formula D season 2012, driven by Ken Gushi.

Cosworth CS600 Flat 4 engine (600hp, 500ft/lbs)
GReddy TD06SH-25G turbo
GReddy R-spec v-mount intercooler
KW 3way Club Sports suspension
Greddy Custom Exhaust
Scion Racing Greddy custom aero kit
GReddy + Brembo Custom Brakes
Rays Gram Lights 57DR wheels 17x9 + 18x9.5
Hankook Venus R-S3 tires
G Force GSR 4 speed transmission

On January 9th 2012 during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, it was revealed to the world that GReddy Performance Product has partnered with Scion Racing to introduce a competition built FR-S. The GReddy Racing FR-S will be campaigned in the 2012 Formula Drift Championship piloted by young veteran Ken Gushi. The all new platform has been a top secret project based out of our Irvine, CA headquarters and will be under going further development till it seeks its maiden voyage on the “Streets of Long Beach” April 6-7th.

Since the announcement, there has been many questions and interest in regards to the build so we’ve decided to dedicate this thread to document the whole project leading up to our first competition. I’ll also update you guys on the development throughout the 2012 Formula Drift season so you fans can keep track of our progress. Now that the secrets out, expect to see lots of behind the scene action so stay tuned!


Scion Racing / Greddy Racing FR-S & Ken Gushi

GReddy Performance Products, Inc.
9 Vanderbilt, Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 588-8300

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source thread: Scionlife

Part 1:

Over the years we have been very fortunate to have a good working relationship with Scion and the Scion Racing family. Initial talks started when Scion approached us about taking on a big project for 2012. We had a good idea what they had in mind so we sat down and listened. After months of negotiating, a deal had been agreed and in the summer of 2011 we took delivery of the vehicle.
greddy racing scion frs

greddy racing scion frs

Here you can see (L to R) our President Kenji, Crew Chief Shuji, and Spotter/Lead Mechanic Takeshi consolidating on the build. I’ll be assisting with this program throughout the year along with doing my best to keep you guys updated on this build. Starting from scratch, we knew it was going to be a long and challenging build with no time to waste.
greddy racing scion frs

First on the agenda was to reinforce the vehicle. For this procedure, our guys started to spot weld the entire chassis. Any other weak spots were diagnosed and reinforced accordingly. A week later, the car was ready for the next step: the roll cage.
greddy racing scion frs

While Takeshi was reinforcing the chassis, Shuji had been busy taking measurements for the cage. He’d been cutting, notching, bending and test fitting for the side hoop design to conform to 2012 Formula Drift spec. This was a very meticulous process as every notch and bend had to be precise. One wrong notch or bend will throw off the whole schematics of the design and will have to be re-done. The design of the cage would be based off the main hoop so it was important to ensure it was in the right spot.
greddy racing scion frs

After few weeks of designing the cage, it was finally time to permanently weld them via mounting plates.
greddy racing scion frs

In the end, it turned out to be a clean and simple cage with minimal tubing to help reduce the weight of the vehicle.
greddy racing scion frs

greddy racing scion frs

In a few weeks, I’ll share with you the next segment which will be in regards to subframe and suspension.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it!

Greddy Staff

Source: Scionlife

Upon completion of the cage, we sent it out for paint. We decided to go with white since our past project car, the Time Attack 2011 Scion TC, is also white and is a good base color. Also at the time, this project was very confidential so final livery design with sponsors had not been determined. You can see what the car looked like when it returned from paint
greddy racing scion frs build

The next step was to work on suspension and related components but Ken was gonna stop by to see the progress on his new ride so we figured to test fit for his seat position.
greddy racing scion frs build

Throughout this whole process, we were busy researching for parts. You can image how difficult this may by especially working with a vehicle that hasn’t been released yet. At the same time, we’re already thinking about which spare parts we need as well. We looked into just about every vehicle from older Toyota’s to Subaru’s to see if parts would be compatible. In the end, we were finally able to get FR-S specific parts which was a big relief. After weeks of researching, we ordered the parts and they arrived. It was now time for assembly.

Here you can see the OEM rear sub-frame installed awaiting some suspension and wheels. We're also going to tube to front and rear so the trunk space you see now will eventually be gone. More on that later.
greddy racing scion frs build

Wheel test fitment so we can determine which spec to run. Tire size is now limited by vehicle weight which should level out the competition and give teams that don’t have crazy horsepower a chance.
greddy racing scion frs build

We reviewed the rule book carefully and determine what components need to remain OEM and what can be modified. Any modifications that was necessary were done according to rules.

Making good progress on the interior.
greddy racing scion frs build

Ken makes another visit as he gives his feedback and requests. Talk about having a custom car!
greddy racing scion frs build

At this point the car is about 75% done till it leaves for NAIAS in 6 weeks. We still need the entire drivetrain package and finalize vehicle settings. Still a lot to do with limited time. At least it finally looks like a car!
greddy racing scion frs build
Source: Scionlife

Here's a little more on what's been going on the past couple suppression install, wire harness trimming and preparing to cage the rear

greddy racing scion frs build

greddy racing scion frs build

greddy racing scion frs build

greddy racing scion frs build

greddy racing scion frs build
Source: Scionlife

Rear cage is near complete! Only thing left to do is fabricate the
container for fuel cell and battery. Ken also stopped by this afternoon
to check the progress and give a little more feedback. Less than 58
days to go till Long Beach!

source: Scionlife

Back in January


By GReddy_Staff:

It's a lot of work that's still in the process and will probably be throughout
the season. I can't get too much into details but lots of measuring and
calculating for the new arms, knuckles, tie rods, etc.

Check out the rear
end which is just about complete. Now time to work on the front.

So its coming down to the wire as Rd 1 of FD is approaching quickly but more
importantly are the test days we have scheduled prior to our debut. There's
still a lot on the "to due" list but everything is right on schedule and we'll
be ready for Long Beach.

Many of you have been anticipating details on
the drivetrain and I'll be happy to shed some light on it. Some things will be
finalized soon but here's what I can say. As mentioned in prior posts,
transmission is G-Force GSR 4 speed. Diff is from OS Giken, sorry but I can't
remember the exact spec right now. The suspension is KW prototypes based off
their competition 3A model. ECU we'll be using is the Cosworth ECPro to compliment the Cosworth CS600 series long block along with ECPro Dash. As for cooling set up, we went with approximately
2.5 inch thick radiator and of course a GReddy Spec R type 24 intercooler. We'll also be installing a
GReddy 13 row oil cooler as well. Did I mention the Cosworth dry sump system?
Cosworth CS600 Series
EJ25 long block still in the original box

G-Force GSR 4 Speed
transmission with a modified bellhousing

Preparing to mate the two
before we install onto the vehicle

Here's how the car looked like
last week

This is what the car looks like
right now. Plumbing will be a different set up from when the car ran with in
early testing so it will be re-done and completed this week. Notice the set up
is now a V-Mount!


Yes. Turbo FR-S

If only you guys can hear her scream!

[url=]Ken Gushi drifting the early dift setup of his Scion FR-S Furmla D car[/url]


Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 09 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 09 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 04 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 04 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 06 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 06 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 02 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 02 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 01 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 01 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 10 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 10 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 08 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 08 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 07 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 07 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 05 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 05 photo

Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 03 - Scion greddy Racing FRS drift FD test 03 photo

Scion FRS frs Greddy drift race test engine bay - Scion FRS frs Greddy drift race test engine bay photo

Ken qualified 14th!!
Now watch the race!

A detailed look at the new Scion Racing GReddy FR-S Drift car which will be piloted by Ken Gushi in Formula Drift in 2012.

From Greddy USA blog:


The team was really looking forward to putting our new Cosworth-tuned Anti-lag feature into action.  Both the FR-S and Ken Gushi were preforming great all weekend.  With solid comments from other drivers all weekend, the team was excited to do well.

Ken ran a solid and safe first qualifying run, but didn't quite get the score we needed from the judges.  And the 2nd run added some bad luck with rain.  In the end, we still made it into the Top32, feeling very optimistic for Saturday's Eliminations.   

Ken advanced pass the Top32 eliminations by being very close to #2 qualifier, M. Ovcharik in is S13 in the following run and getting a good gap on the lead run.

In the main 16 brackets, Ken faced off with K. Moen in is 350Z. Ken had a great follow run, keeping the FR-S right on his rear fenders the who lap.  And the lead run was solid, with a larger gap.  Unfortunately the Judges wanted the pair to go "One More Time"  On the next follow run, Ken was just too aggressive and ended off line and hitting the Z, ending our FD Palm Beach run in the Top16.

The GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S move up in the standing to 14th in the championships.   

First 2 runs of top16.

Rd7. Irwindale recap Part 1 of the GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S and Ken Gushi during the 2013 Formula Drift Pro Championship season.