Exmotion BRZ

This is Subaru BRZ of Tetsuya Yamano, the driver of BRZ GT300

This BRZ is a test car for Comdrive Exmotion to develop suspension, brakes and other parts for the Subaru BRZ and probably the whole 86 family.

Tetsuya Yamano will drive this BRZ at Japan's gymkhana events (Last year it was Lotus Exige)

testing BRZ

Two more videos from Gymkhana:

Another Subaru BRZ that Mr. Yamano is preparing for Hyper meeting on 8th april, Tsukuba circuit

so the blue BRZ has become a test car for future products. the dark grey car is a show car. For gymkhana is a new white BRZ that has been rewrapped into this:


round #2:
1st place for Tetsuya Yamano with BRZ in PN2 class
1st place for Naoya Yamano with WRX in PN3 class
great day!


Yamano-san entertaining public :)

Yamano brothers having fun again :)