Secondary brake caliper for handbrake

We found a thing that went unnoticed. The Toyota FT-86 concept has a secondary caliper on the rear wheels. This must be for the handbrake / emergency brake! Thanks Toyota!!

toyota ft-86 wheel, advics brakes, brake disc, calipers

toyota ft-86 secondary caliper, handbrake, emergency brake, calipers

Here is animation of photoshop enhancment that reveals the FT-86 concept secondary caliper for handbrake..

toyota ft86 concept, brakes, handbrake, brake calipers, emergency brake caliper, gif animation

another ft-86 concept secondary caliper shot:

toyota ft-86 concept wheel, secondary handbrake, brakes, emergency brake

Another question comes up - wether the FT-86 concept features a hydraulic handbrake or cable. Probably a hydraulic emergency brake would never make it to production car, especially at Toyota FT-86 price.
Here is a pic of the caliper and cable/hose attached to it. Looks weird for a cable? Need to get to some exhibition and get a better pic..

toyota ft-86 concept, handbrake caliper, secondary caliper photo, pic, emergency brake, cable, hydraulic

Weird though, there is no secondary caliper on the FT-86 G sports concept..

The FT86 G Sports concept seems to be really a quick mockup model for the exhibitions, so don`t rely on that.
have to look at the Gran turismo G Sports video, the FT-86 base model does have secondary caliper in the GT5 video.

Ok, heres a pic from tokyo auto salon and gran turismo 5 showing that indeed, the FT-86 concept does have 2 calipers (there was a thought it could be a real caliper while the white ADVICS was just a mockup for show), in real life and in game, and the FT-86 G Sports has only one main caliper.and it is on the opposite side than base FT86.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2010, TAS 2010, FT-86 G sports concept edition, rear shot, rear lights, spoiler, sideshot
Toytoa FT86 concept base model compared to G Sports FT-86 edition in Gran Turismo 5. The base model has 2 brake calipers, photo, pic

This is definitely a drifting enhancment, not a parking brake :D

for your information, the rumorous just copied this article to their frontpage and present it as THEIR members have found this... of course without mentioning tune86 as source. the tune86 logo has also been cropped of the images.

Yeah, I also noticed that.

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I completely agree with you, hatred has no place in car forums. I removed the post of jdm-import.
It also seems ft86club has removed frontpage post that cointained the mis-information about the handbrake news reveal. I do hope they give us some credit if they re-release the article. We have a links to ft86club and other ft86 sites on our links section for ages, so...
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Here are lots of aftermarket handbrake calipers available:

in case the OEM handbrake sucks, the replacement would be easy, not like cable handbrakes with pads on the inside of the brake rotor

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This won't see production, but what others said
about it just being a simple handbrake because the multi-piston main
caliper can't incorporate one is correct.

McLaren F1 rear brake:

production cars that have a fixed rear caliper actually incorporate a
drum parking brake inside the rotor hat. The McF1 can't do that because
it has a multi-piece rotor with a lightweight "hat". For the FT86
concept it was probably just easier to fabricate this way.

I say
it won't see production because there's no way in hell a car at its
projected price point will have a four-piston rear caliper and
multi-piece rear rotor from the factory... and at its projected weight
and horsepower it has no need for that much brake anyway by a long
shot. I'd bet the production brakes are exactly the same as a WRX.

Weird sutff around the different ft86 forums (that copied the article from here, haha).
Many people refer to the second caliper as a simple parking brake or say that it is too small for some action? Some regular rear brakes are smaller than that! This is really big enough to grab the rotor when going sideways!
Some say that the pads would be hard to change.. sorry, have you ever changed parking brake shoes behind the brake disc? To do that you have to take off the regular caliper/pads as well to get the brake rotor off, and that is really the easy part! So I do see this as a big improvement in regular maintenance also.
Performance for drifting? I don`t see why sheo-type e-brake would work better than this caliper type. If you really put big and grippy tires and the caliper is not enough, you can always change to bigger caliper! For those having shoe-type handbrake the only option seems to be switching to hydraulic e-brake system.
I have a regular "shoe" type cable e-brake on my celica gt4 and I hate it.. maybe its just a bad experience.

P.S. I think the secondary caliper is usually used on two-piece floating brake rotors, where the inner part cannot be used for a shoe type parking brake. The FT-86 concept does use a two-piece brake disc.

toyota ft-86, ft86 brakes, ft-86 handbrake, springs, rear wheel brakes, calipers
click to zoom

it seems like the handbrake / parking brake is cable driven, and the caliper does seem to catch a very small portion of the brake rotor..

another closeup photo of the rear emergency brake caliper: