Rogue Motorsport V8 GT86

We are pleased to inform Rogue Motorsport UK will be using our 1st ever production EVS FR-S GT Aero for their GT86 build. The car will be powered by IS-F V8 mated to Quaife sequential transmission. Expect to see this car in GT Cup and MSA British endurance championships later this year.

This is the Quaife 69G sequential for our GT86 race car. There's no lever as we'll be using a Geartronics pneumatic paddleshift system. Now that we have both engine and gearbox, design work is underway to draw the bell housing to mate it to the V8. This will be machined from a billet of aluminium.

It's obvious that the GT86 drivetrain was developed with a significant amount of abuse in mind - I'm sure you've all seen videos of the being drifted. But seeing as we're no longer using the standard 2 litre four banger, we needed to make sure the driveshafts could take the extra duty.


This is the weight of the chassis before it's chemically cleaned. It will be interesting to find out just how much the paint and underseal actually weigh.

So we've been sitting on this update for a while, waiting for the engines to arrive from the states - and here they are! The 2GR-FE engine proved to be a little too tall for our needs, so instead we opted for the 5.0 litre V8 from the Lexus ISF. 417bhp in standard trim and very, very complex!