Borla UEL Header

Review by FT-86 Speedfactory:

Guys we got a long running thread planned here. The first real option that is mass produced for a header is here. We got our Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Borla UEL unit in today for some testing. 

In this thread we will cover pictures, videos, and dynos of this Borla unequal length header. We will be bolting up a couple different exhaust systems so we get a good comparison of the sounds. 

Exhausts planned to test this on:
FT-86 SpeedFactory V1 Catback with catless Front Pipe
FT-86 SpeedFactory V1 Catback with stock Front Pipe
Buddy Club Spec II with catless Front Pipe ( I can't wait to hear this beast )
Buddy Club Spec II with stock Front Pipe
Invidia Q300 with catless Front Pipe
Invidia Q300 with stock Front Pipe

We'd do more but that is all we have in the demo bin right now. We will only be dynoing it with the V1 exhaust system. Sorry guys. 

This is an unequal length header which will make that Boxer rumble come alive instantly. Borla has designed this header with a couple flex sections to reduce stress that can cause cracks in a header like this over time. Their EJ header does very well with this design.  This system is also coated with Borlas in house ceramic coating, which is what produces the dull finish in the photos.

This system will fit the factory overpipe or any aftermarket overpipe as well. It works in almost any combo you can think of for naturally aspirated applications. This header is intended for off road use only as it removes the vehicles main catalytic converters.

This thread will be a rolling thread and we will update it and the OP with other information as we continue the rolling review. 

It's picture time!

So it's time for a small update.

We found some time to get the install done and videos all right before we get an ice storm.

The install consisted of the following items. A Perrin Over-Pipe and the Borla UEL Header for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ. The install is pretty simple and straight forward. We didn't have time to document but can always help out via e-mail if you get stuck. 

First off lets talk about weight savings.

Stock Header - 20.90 lbs

Borla UEL Header - 10.20 lbs

Stock Over Pipe - 4.50 lbs

Perrin Over Pipe - 3.50 lbs

Overall we dropped another 11.7 lbs from our car.

Some cool photos for comparison of the new parts vs stock parts.

Installed in the car. 

And of course we couldn't finish an update without any videos. 

Borla UEL Header for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ Stationary Rev and Warm Idle.
Parts list: FT-86 V1 Exhaust + Invidia Catless Front Pipe + Perrin Over Pipe + Borla UEL Header

A video with a back to back of the following parts.
Parts list: FT-86 V1 Exhaust + Invidia Catless Front Pipe + Stock Over Pipe + Stock Header
Parts list: FT-86 V1 Exhaust + Invidia Catless Front Pipe + Perrin Over Pipe + Borla UEL Header

Some drive by footage

In car footage.

Catted Front Pipe video.

Parts list:
Borla UEL Headers
Perrin Over Pipe
Invidia Catted Front Pipe
FT-86 SpeedFactory V1


Dyno Video:

Alright guys we somewhat got a break in the weather which only included a bunch of rain, so we braved the water and got the silver car across town for some dyno time.

Now I want to add this in here. This is our independent test. Borla did not give us this header, we had to buy it. Below are the details in which we did the dyno, the parts on the car, and other information.

Mods on the car that affect the results:

Current Upgrades:
Engine & Exhaust

FT-86 SpeedFactory V1 Exhaust
Borla UEL header
Perrin Overpipe
Invidia catted frontpipe
aFe Takeda Intake

Wheels & Tires
Enkei RPF1 17x9+35 Matte Black
Hankook RS-3 in 255/40/17
Drop Engineering Lug Nuts
(This combo adds more surface area and 1.5lbs per corner over stock)

91 Octane

FA20Club Stage 2
(more on this below)

The pulls we did are done in 4th gear. Sampling started right around 3000rpm.

The car does have a stage 2 tune from FA20Club. The below image is what the car did with a stage 2 tune out of the box by adding the Borla UEL. This is no revisions yet, and a tune we had on the car from back in December. 

After doing some pulls, sending the data in to FA20Club and getting a tune back this is what we got compared to a stock car. 

The stock dyno we did back in August was a poor sample so we overlay'd it to one that was the K&N drop in filter dyno.

As you can see the torque dip is significantly reduced and almost flat now. FA20Club mentioned that had we been able to get 93 octane fuel in the car we would have seen more gains, but 91 is all we get here in Des Moines, so it had to do. I'm excited and happy with the new torque curve, especially with autocross and track season almost here for us in Iowa.