STREET suspension upgrades .... (Not track)

When one looks to the web to investigate options regarding suspension for either of the 86's they immediately become overwhelmed. I know I did. You see there are suspension upgrades for the track and those oddly enough are the ones that get all the attention and most of the hits on a search. I'm, and I cant believe there are not others out there, am looking for the best street driving experience available. I'm not interested in track performance howevr I want a strong street presence. I want the ride to be fun, comfortable but responsive and reliable when I want to let loose and hit the curves in the way this car was meant to.

Keeping all that in mind I Immediately set out to address the fender gap in my future BRZ. I am going to upgrade the factory wheels to 18" so that should narrow the gap. I started to look at coil covers but as stated above all the searches instantly took me to high end a cazillion adjustment coil covers. All way out of whack of my goals for this car. So after much investigating I originally decided on Eibach springs . But lowering springs to me was a bit of a performance compromise as far as I was concern. Then by accident long after I had begrudgingly added the springs to my build sheet, I found out about a set of pre tuned Street Performance coil covers ! It was written about in a blog I stumbled upon.

Tein Street Basis Damper

It has adjustable ride hight but is not EDFC compatible (and I don't need it to be) non adjustable compression dampening (its pre tuned for that) nor
infinitely adjustable rebound dampening (Its pre tuned for )

This seems to be perfect Tein is a super respected company from Japan that test and re test like mad samurais

The issue now is some sway bars and if needed other mods that will compensate for body roll and other issues that are likely present when switching to after market coil covers .... Any suggestions are indeed welcome and I will happily pass on any relevant knowledge I come across ....

Thank you !