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A wide range of rubber products set bush / mount for (ZC6) SUBARU BRZ, Subaru Tecnica International, Inc., will be released through the SUBARU dealers nationwide from April 11 this time.

 To reduce the transmission loss, such as power and torque by increasing the hardness of the rubber bush rubber Part SUBAU BRZ chassis, kind of rubber mount, preventing deformation elasticity, we realized the sharp response for steering and throttle operation. Has become a sports-oriented products for owners who use and driving and gymkhana competitions, such as one-make race mainly in everyday use tends to increase noise and vibration of the vehicle body.

[Product Description]
Product Name Item Number Number Suggested retail price 
(value抜単consumption tax)
RH engine mount ST41022AS000 One 12,600 yen 
(12,000 yen)
LH engine mount ST41022AS010 One 12,600 yen 
(12,000 yen)
Transmission Mount ST41020AS000 One 15,750 yen 
(15,000 yen)
Bush def R RH ST41322AS010 One 10,500 yen 
(10,000 yen)
Bush def R LH ST41322AS000 One 10,500 yen 
(10,000 yen)
Sub-frame bush F ST20174AS000 Four ¥ 5,250 
(¥ 5,000)
Steering gear box bush ST34112AS000 Two 4,200 yen 
(4,000 yen)

※ The above price is the suggested retail price that does not include the mounting wage as of April 2013.