Toyota GT 86 - Supercharge Or Turbo Kit

I'm on the waiting list atm for my GT 86 to arrive to pass the time I'm looking at the first upgrade and i really gotta pick A Supercharger or a turbo anyone got some input? I'm pretty new to the after market scene, I was hoping TRD would deal and give me a charge from the factory but no dice =(
in fact in the Toyota Dealership my options were seriously limited.

I would have to say that I favor a Super Charger over the Turbo, because the power is there from the beginning of your RPM's and not after a certain RPM level which with most Turbo's is around 3500 on.
The cost is about the same, so is installation.
The argument goes on about the other advantages of both.

And I agree Mercinarie, that sure would have been nice if TRD would have or will come out with units; because I feel that they(TRD) would do more in-depth R/D than these other aftermarket companies out there these days. Also we the Consumer would have Toyota to answer to us if the systems went wrong.

But it is what it is and hence why I haven't purchased my SC as yet. I let these other folks who are in a big hurry to do the R/D testing in there cars . ;-)

Depends on your future intentions and how often you would like to mod or upgrade your car. If it is one time power increase, supercharger will be better. If you like tuning, swapping turbos etc, then turbo is the way. Some people put turbos because they like just to customize their setup to their liking, build headers and piping setup from scratch, swap turbos, tune ecu everytime etc.. it is costly. supercharger limits you to certain power level, it is a bit harder to tune afterwards. but it drives much better at THAT power level.