Building Project (FRS Scion) 2014

Hello, I recently bought a new 2014 FRS. I was going to add a little budget aftermarket and I decided to get ideas and resources information.

I am going to buy the following:
1. Tinted windows 35% is 35% good enough or should I go with 20%
2. HSD Coilover for adjustable suspension (winter vs summer) I live in Canada =p, so we have winter. Are the good suspension, I believe they are the monopro.
3. Exhaust System for mild noise and mild performance (undecided, hoping to get ideas)
4. Tail/Headlights undecided, but I want sick one
5. JDM Kit for lighting up that little triangle at the back
6. Turbo and NOS Purge for sound

7. I don't want to drill in my intake anything, therefore is it possible to install a purge kit without drilling. I really like the sound it makes and the look of the CO2 flow. Is it possible to install a fake one? How much is it to install a turbocharged system and how much power does it gave me?

8. Should I change my intake with the exhaust?