First time FRS build looking for advice/ideas

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It's finally time to get my car a little more focused - I'm quite used to the factory setup and generally it's pretty decent. I just want the car to be a bit more responsive and precise; but I'd like to retain as much civility as possible as I drive it every day.

I'd like to get more capability and performance out of the car at the track and the ability to change the balance of the car to suit different tracks, tires, etc. I'd also prefer to buy things once as much as possible - so finding some kind of common ground where there is some adjustability without needing to get an engineering degree to make the most out of it. I also have to work within my budget but I'd rather get a handful of high quality upgrades than a car full of junk for half the money.

I've talked to a few friends and a couple of local shops that I like for different opinions and recommendations and I'm fairly certain I want to upgrade some of the suspension bushings, add adjustable sway bars, and some coilovers. That should get me a better handling, more fun car now - with some headroom as I get more track time as a driver.

For the coilovers I like the idea of the Fortune Auto 500 series - the reviews I've found are very good, and I like that they're made here and can be serviced and upgraded in-house whether that means I need to have them serviced in the future or overhauled & upgraded - I can go from a known baseline rather than throwing my old kit in the garbage and hoping I've chosen a decent replacement.

On the bushing end of things I got a couple of different suggestions but when we started talking about daily driving the car and trying to keep the noise and comfort levels close to stock both JE and IAG recommended SuperPro bushings. I have a buddy with a '10 STI that has a ton of their stuff on his car that he is quite happy with. They have a pretty big FRS catalog and some information on their website - anyone have any feedback on their stuff? They also make a bunch of swaybar options and hunting around for reviews they seem to be high quality.

I think with some upgraded damping and sway bars along with some improved bushings I'm on the way to a pretty comprehensive upgrade that should keep the personality of the car in tact but elevate the performance. I'm looking for feedback and suggestions on the above.