Romur by Road&Track: baby Toyota FT86

one of the funniest rumors.

Toyota Working On a Baby FT-86
May 7, 2010 by Sam Mitani

The FT-86 has caused a big stir for Toyota ever since it was introduced at the last Tokyo Motor Show. Now we hear that Toyota is also working on milder sports car, one that’ll be $5000 less expensive than the FT-86. When the FT-86 goes on sale in 2011, we predict that it’ll come with a price tag slightly above $20,000. Toyota had originally wanted to keep the FT-86’s price tag below the $20,000-mark; however, development costs are running way over budget, and we hear that Toyota is resigned to the fact that the FT-86 will be a $20,000-plus car.

In order to fill the under-$20,000 sports-car hole in its lineup, the company is reportedly working on a baby FT-86. This car will measure about 150 in. overall length and come powered by the company’s 3SZ-VE engine, a 1.5-liter inline-4 that produces 109 bhp. It will feature a front-engine/rear drive layout. Details are still sketchy at this point, but look for this new sports car to make its debut sometime 2012.

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"Now we hear that Toyota is also working on milder sports car"

"we predict"

"and we hear that Toyota is..."

"the company is reportedly working on.."

"will measure about..."

"Details are still sketchy at this point"

is good to see  the hype and news around FT-86, but its bad when
magazines post rumors to gain publicity and people blindly follow and
repost on twitter, blogs, etc..
A few years ago Road&Track published that there would be a new Toyota Supra by 2010..

this just cant be true. 109hp? what car would it compete with? how can you drive a rwd car with 109hp? only if the car is based on Toyota iQ or Aygo..

More than 20 years after the hachiroku 109 is like a bad joke, crazy rumor.

Restoring hachiroku, always in progress.