Photochopped FT-86 images (own or others on internet)

Photochop by Adrenaline Rush, FT86 concept tuned

My photochop 2, full size wallpaper :) click to get full image (2048px wide)

ricer`s dream i guess..

Wheels Weekly photochopped Subaru 216a from FT86..


Mark Farrington photoshop. Wonder why the plate says Supra..


They all look amazing! The silver and dark blue chop looks so unique!!

here is a wallpaper size version of the second photoshop of FT86 G Sports in car park, size 1680x1050 (im using this on my desktop both at home and at work :D):


Definitely the best photochop for now!!!

awesome pic Bo!!!! I`m also using it as a wallpaper now!!! 8)

ha ha :D I'm using the same wallpaper, nice job Bo, I like it :)

Toyota MR2 ZZW30
Toyota Celica TA40

thats a bad ass Hachiroku!!!

Girls hate the rally spoiler on subarus, but IMHO it looks awesome on the ft86!!

Toyota FT-86 desktop background, FT86 wallpaper

wow, is that a photoshop or a real picture.. looks like a photoshop but then again the reflections are soo perfect .... ?

That is definitely a photochopped wallpaper. The background is too pale. And the sun (or whatever that is) from the roof windows would be reflected on the top of FT86..

One of the best chops imho...

looks good with those subaru accents, but still better as an RWD


lazy at work.. did another FT-86 photochop :)

Toyota FT-86 photochop, FT86 aftermarket tuning design picture
added HKS, Greddy, Rays, TRD, Bridgestone and Tune86 stickers :)

With all this talk about the FT-86 being thrown around the net, a bit of fun is being poked around on the Facebook page tonight and a few shots have been sent through from the great fans we have that show the FT-86 wearing different “kicks“.

I love them all actually, but choices need to be made because without a doubt, wheel makers the world over are bracing for an onslaught of orders for the soon to be released sports car. Which one tickles your fancy?!

Deep dish Work Meisters..?

Bright green TE37′s..?

Flusher looking bronze TE37′s..?

If the TE37 isn’t your style, maybe the “Vintage” version is better?

Or perhaps you prefer the Advan RG2?

Does the Desmond Regamaster sway you?

As well as the SSR Type F?

There is the alternative to fit more “traditional” wheels, including the legendary RS Watanabe…

Photoshop by
Toyota 86
Toyota GT 86 photoshop

LOVE the white WORKS! Im totally considering these with silver FR~S!

Subaru BRZ photoshopped, nice :)

Photshopped version of Subaru BRZ - lowered, black rims, yellow color

The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon has opened its doors to the public and this
widebody Toyota FT86 is definitely going to be a major crowd puller.
This is the Vertex Edge Prototype Widebody kitted Toyota 86. Only months
after its launch, the new front engine, rear wheel drive sports coupe
from Toyota is already gaining momentum in terms of aftermarket support.