Rumor: Scion FR-S


Scion FR-S Is The New Toyota FT-86?

The Toyota FT-86
may now be the vehicle to save Toyota from itself, as sources report
the vehicle will be branded in the U.S. as the Scion FR-S, cost
$25,000, and get a boring redesign. But wait, it's worse!

the FT-86 was first revealed we've heard nothing but conflicting bad
news about the RWD, affordable sports car product Toyota's been

The latest bad news comes from sources close to Toyobaru, who are saying the car's being sold in the U.S. as a Scion to prop-up the struggling brand.

Ive been sitting on this information in disbelief, however we have
other confirmations in hand now. According to our inside source at
Toyota the FT-86 is going to be released as a Scion in the USA. Toyota
and Scion Marketing and Management adjourned across the US this past
Tuesday to receive the news. Their reasons behind using Scion is reported as Marketability and pricing structure, Scions as you might now share a fixed pricing structure at all dealerships. If released as
a Toyota the FT86 could be suspect to price hikes. In the end it ounded like Subaru and Toyota thought that Scion was the best choice
for the FT-86, I strongly disagree.

The report also included that of a 2.5l Engine would make it to production. The current engine "marketed" with the Toyota FT-86
is only a 2.0 liter. The choice of the 2.5l is a good one. However they
are also increasing the original entry level price range around $25,000

Further, they add the vehicle's Subaru variant may end up Europe only and, the design of the vehicle we love, will be transformed into a more boring Scion-esque look.

This news are sourced from The Wall Street Journal ( I have slight disbelief on the information..

1) it is based on mysterious "the people said."

2) for the NYC Auto Show 2010, the new Scion was presented as "SCION TC" not "SCION FR-S". Here is NYC 2010 show debut SCION TC image. It is similar to FT-86 lines, but thats about it. People wrote rumors and tied Scion with FT-86 concept since its unveiling, but they were never more than rumors. Scion is FWD brand, FR-S means "Front engine, Rear wheel, Sporty". Huh?

If its true - sad for Toyota. Or is it not? Scion always got the "cheap plastic" taste, but if it shared parts with FT-86, it would be good for tuners.. If the FT-86 costs 20k USD, we cant ask for anything more than cheap plastic!

Over the weekend, while watching Formula Drift... Tanner Foust was getting beef for having the Nascar V8 in his Scion, at which point he said "He likes the idea of moving to an all aluminum 4 cylinder." Sounds like the Scion FR-S would be what he's talking about!

Fresh new turbocharged 4-cylinder drift car is what the doctor prescribed. if its Scion, let it be Scion. But please Toyota make a Toyo badged version of FT-86, since we dont have Scions in Europe!

A quote from Jack Hollis, the vicepresident of Scion:
“A rear-wheel-drive car could absolutely work. If you look at Scion’s entry into racing and drifting itself, the fun [associated with that], there’s no question that a rear-drive car would be great for Scion. It would probably have to be a car that was a little over $20,000…The marketplace still demands fun, high-performance vehicles. Scion has positioned itself perfectly in that world with tuners and accessorization, and it would be great to top that off with a rear-wheel-drive application. Whether we can pull it off or not remains to be seen, but it won’t be for lack of trying.”
Further Erin Riches of Edmunds Inside Line quote attributed to an unnamed Toyota official: “We’ve never said the FT-86 would be sold as a Toyota in the U.S.”

I dont see anything wrong if FT-86 becomes the new Scion, as long as it looks this good: