RUMOR - Current Toyota FT86 concept design rejected?

Another Toyota FT86 rumor (so dont take it that seriously) is spreading lightning fast: In the aftermath of last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota’s North American design studio CALTY has survived the selection process to have its version of the FT-86 accepted as the basis of the new model instead of European and Japanese efforts.
Here`s another 7tune rendering (they have had so many different renderings that the authors should really get banned from internet The drawings are good, but please, enough..)

Toyota Europe Design Development (ED²) was responsible for the design of the FT-86 Concept which was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last October and was relatively well received by the public. We now know that the ED² design was rejected as early as November last year, leaving the CALTY and Toyota Technical Center’s designs to go head to head. By year’s end the Toyota Technical Center’s effort was also rejected in favor of the CALTY design. At this point the basic design of the FT-86 is ready with only minor changes yet to be decided and Toyota management will make a final decision on these sometime in March. As for the new design, apparently much of the original CALTY version will remain which makes less use of curved surfaces but gives the FT-86 a higher profile around the nose section with increased overhang, although basic dimensions like wheelbase, height and width remain unchanged. CALTY was responsible for the FT-HS concept so it’s possible some subtle styling cues from that design will have an impact on the revised FT-86 shape.

As far as the Subaru 216A is concerned, apparently both it and the Toyota FT-86 will differ only with badges and equipment levels despite earlier rumors of the two models differing considerably. The engine and drivetrain will remain unchanged from the D-4S direct injected EJ20 flat four for the naturally aspirated models, however the turbocharged G’s version will get a stronger differential and 6-speed transmission assuming it makes production.

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I wish it was a stupid rumor :/

This design sucks, if toyota doesn't go with the original design of this car, they will not sell. If they are trying to satisfy the supra, celica enthusiasts, they are not going to see either of these cars in this design, it does not reflect the exotic sports car look these people are looking for. This is a definite miss. It looks too much like all the other north american cars on the lots today. The blob style does not belong on a sports car with this sort of pedigree. They should leave the sports car designing to the ones who do it best. The europeans have it down. Don't mess with perfection.