A Tech Look Under the Scion FR-S

Our friends at MotoIQ.com have done a good job reviewing the Scion FR-S at the reveal party at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. While Annie Sam visited the Scion FR-S rollout and reviewed other Toyota sports cars at the party, John Frink did a great general review of the Toyota and Subaru joint project and the Scion FR-S in particular! Few days later MotoIQ crew visited Greddy and did a very close inspection of the Scion FR-S suspension. Mike Kojima wrote a very good article from a racer/tuner perspective to explain the good and bad points about the Scion FR-S (or Toyota 86 in general) including suspension and tuning, brake and differential upgrades.
If you consider driving the 86/FRS/BRZ on trackdays, MotoIQ is a must read!

A tech look under the Scion FR-S by Mike Kojima

86 Under the Skin by John N. Frink

Toyota's Legacy In the FR-S by Annie Sam

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