Subaru BRZ GT300 Takes on Fuji Speedway

Back in December we saw the Subaru BRZ GT300 in a promotional video showing off what it’ll look like on the track, and now we have some legitimate (as in, non-promotional) footage of the race car getting some shakedown test runs out at Fuji Speedway in Japan.

In preparation of the 2012 Super GT series that will start at the end of March, Subaru and other teams have already started testing their new vehicles for this year’s season. Fortunately the weather cooperated for at least one good day of testing for Subaru, and we look forward to seeing all the new cars this year and how well they’ll be doing.

Subaru brz super GT race car, Subaru BRZ GT300 engine bay suspension photo

When R&D SPORT took the Subaru BRZ GT300 to Fuji Speedway, it was snowing on the first day.

On The second day the weather was clear and sunny, temperatures hitting just 4 degrees and Super GT BRZ could finally hit the track for shakedown.

Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 7b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 7b photo
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 6b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 6b photo
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 4b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 4b photo
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 3b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 3b photo
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 2b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 2b photo
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 1b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 1b photo
BRZGT300td 14 - BRZGT300td 14 photo
BRZGT300td 12 - BRZGT300td 12 photo
BRZGT300td 11 - BRZGT300td 11 photo
BRZGT300td 10 - BRZGT300td 10 photo
As expected, the BRZ GT300 looks absolutely gorgeous out on the track at full speed, and only makes us that much more impatient for its American release.

BRZGT300td 5 - BRZGT300td 5 photo
BRZGT300td 4 - BRZGT300td 4 photo
BRZGT300td 9 - BRZGT300td 9 photo

BRZGT300td 8 - BRZGT300td 8 photo
STI motor sports project chief Tatsumi Eiji says "BRZ GT300 is aiming to leverage the low center of gravity in the characteristics of SUBARU" as the Super GT's low body is really drawing attention. Painted in WR blue resembling the theme color of SUBARU and boxer engine expressing loudness the BRZ GT300 was sprinting the Fuji Speedway.
Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 9b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 9b photo

Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 8b - Subaru BRZ Super GT 300 8b photo

Motoshima Shinji, the Director of R&D SPORT feels a lot of pressure this year to make the BRZ express power and challenge as the diameter of restrictor for 2.0 liter engine is increased. BRZ GT 300 will challenge other cars with greater displacement engines so braking and cornering will play an important role this year

Tetsuya Yamano:

“This season, how we fight in the BRZ, which is at the centre of attention, and how we develop it are important. While feeling a very strong sense of responsibility, I predict the start of the season to be very tough.

“Making the most of the BRZ’s low centre of gravity, I would like to specifically demonstrate its cornering speed. I want to make sure that we finish on the podium at SUGO, Motegi, Suzuka, and Autopolis where there are many corners.”

Kota Sasaki:

The BRZ is the new face of SUBARU and I would like to do my best. While BRZ being a city car our mission is to show that it expresses speed. It is great responsibility to drive the BRZ. I'm looking forward to work with the team"

Check out two videos below of the BRZ GT300 hitting the track.


See video

See video


Round 1 will be held in Okayama at the end of March. But till then, more teams will be getting their new race cars onto the track to get the bugs out getting ready for the big race. We’ll make sure to post more photos and videos of Super GT BRZ as the season arrives!

Source: Minkara