Accelerated Performance turbocharger kit 278whp

Aftermarket tuner garage Accelerated Performance of Toledo, Ohio doing tests on their turbocharger kit.

Last month Accelerated Performance had fitted a custom turbocharging kit onto a Subaru BRZ, effectively posting an impressive 54.5-hp gain in performance, from 161-hp at the wheel (as opposed to 200-hp at the crank) to 213-hp at the wheel.

At the time, development of the turbocharger was still in its preliminary stages and the cautious engineers at Accelerated Performance only ran the turbocharger at a modest boost pressure no stronger than 4 psi so as to not excessively disturb Subaru's finely tuned ECU.

After a short month of considerable trial and error, John Visconti of Accelerated Performance is excited to share with us some of the progress the team has made.

A new EcuTek RaceRom software for the BRZ as well as an Omni 4 Bar MAP Sensor is now fitted along with the custom turbo from Accelerated Performance. Finally, boost pressure has also been raised from 4 psi all the way to 10 psi, providing Accelerated Performance with exactly what it needs to deliver a whopping 278-hp at the wheel. In fact, one particular run even posted a peak horsepower rating of 286-hp. However, Visconti emphasized that the tests "weren't looking for peak numbers - just reliability."

From the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club (NASIOC) forums, John Visconti announced that the turbo setup will eventually be available for sale as the 'BRZ/FRS-300' turbo kit for the price of approximately $5,000.

Naturally, R&D at Accelerated Performance doesn't end here. Visconti confirms that the engineers are looking at solutions for bigger turbochargers as well.

Accelerated Performance's incredible performance gains in such a short period of time certainly bodes well for the Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S's aftermarket potential. We can't wait to see what other ideas tuning companies will think of next!

Source: iMotorTimes

Video: John Visconti calibrating Accelerated Performance's BRZ with their new turbo kit (BRZ-300). All tuning was done using the latest EcuTek RaceRom software for BRZ/FRS @ 10PSI. There's no Race with out the ROM - RaceRom !

Pricing for these kits is as follows. Distributor Pricing Available w/ MAP Set Pricing.

MSRP $6295.00
Introductory Offer $4995.00 (Only available for a short period of time)

These Kits are completely customizable.

Options Include:

2000 Degree Ceramic Coating Options: $285.00

1600 Degree Ceramic Coating Options: $225.00
-Bright Silver

Powdercoated Intercooler Piping : $call
-Many Color Options

Downpipe $200
-3" 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe
-Stainless Steel UEGO Oxygen Sensor Bung

Windshield Washer Bottle Removal $-60

Accelerated Performance 2013 FRS/BRZ-300 Turbo Kit

Kit Includes:

-Garrett GT28RS (up to 350HP w/ supporting modifications)
-Tial Stainless Steel V-Band Turbine Housing
-Tial MVS 38mm External Wastegate

AP Overpipe/Uppipe:
-Schedule 10 (.109" Thickness) 304 Stainless Steel
-Integrated 2.5" V-band for Easy Removal (No need to Lift Engine)
-Fabricated and Fully Tungsten Inert Gas Welded In House

AP Downpipe
-2.5" 304 Stainless Steel (.065" Thickness)
-304 Stainless Steel V-Band Turbine Outlet
-2.5" 304 Stainless Steel 2 Bolt Flange (No need for aftermarket Exhaust)
-Stainless Steel UEGO Oxygen Sensor Bung

-Tial Q Blow Off Valve
-AP Air to Air 350HP Bar and Plate Intercooler
-Tungsten Inert Gas Welded w/ Cast Aluminum End Tanks
-Billet Aluminum MAF Adapter Plate
-6061 Polished Aluminum Tubing
-4 Ply Reinforced Silicone Couplers
-301 Stainless Steel Worm Guide Clamps

-AP 3" 6061 Polished Aluminum Tubing
-K&N 3" Filter
-4 Ply Reinforced Silicone Couplers
-301 Stainless Steel Worm Guide Clamps

AP Stainless Steel Teflon Oil Feed Line and Fittings
AP Stainless Steel -8 Oil Drain Line and Fittings
AP Oil Filler Turbo Drain Return Cap
Turbowerx Oil Scavenge Pump
Plug and Play Wiring Harness for Oil Scavenge Pump
New Windshield Washer Bottle Relocation and Hardware

All Gaskets, Hardware and Instructions Included

Accelerated Performance 2013 BRZ-300 vs. 2013 Scion FR-S (stock+exhaust)