Sourcing replacement parts for your project

So you have bought your brand new Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86. No matter the use if you just daily drive it or use for ultimate rebuild to sportscar project, sooner or later you will need new parts or used replacement parts. If you're on your five year warranty and don't modify the car, warranty or insurance will cover repairs with brand new parts from Toyota/Subaru. What if you don't have that backup? Here is a quick guide that might come handy.

There are many forums and social groups on the internet, so that is the first place you should look for. Check out Related links we have collected in our Links page, it has a great amount of online sources! Try Facebook or G+ social groups, quite often people sell their stock/upgraded parts. Try searching regional groups or discussion lists. Often forums have a separate "For Sale" category or "Regional", so forums are also a good place to buy parts.

Another option to replace damaged parts is upgrading them with tuning parts. Quite often upgraded "tuning" parts cost less than new OEM parts from factory. Often it is the best way to go, e.g. you could replace bad suspension with an upgraded coilover set, or replace damaged pistons with forged ones, or replace damaged hood/fender/door with a carbon replacement to save weight. In most situations the upgraded parts really cost less than original.

Sometimes it comes to bigger repairs or replacements e.g. you put your turbo on, you raised the boost. Boom goes the engine. Or transmission. Or body parts after a crash. Not a big surprise, kiddies drive their cool new FRS, switch the stability control off and there ya go - quite a few totaled cars already to disassemble. So take a look on eBay, Craiglist or, it currently lists 3 totaled Scion FRS-S and two Subaru BRZs.
totaled subaru brz salvage car on auction
For example This Subaru BRZ salvage car is quite untouched, engine is safe, just bumpers missing and airbag shot - a great car to start your projct build from! often owners (or insurance groups) sell the cars for very cheap, so you might want to have a spare car for replacement parts. Or if the damage is not that bad, you could restore and have a your FRS/BRZ for cheap! There are many countries where brand new 86/FRS/BRZ costs 2-5x more than in USa/Japan, so this is another way to obtain a cheaper car importing as salvage.

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