Formula Drift: Texas Speedway

Formula Drift in Texas speedway marked Round 6 of Formula D Pro series and Round 3 of PRO 2 series. Following tradition here is breakdown of how the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ teams performed.

In PRO 2 series Jeff Wolfson had nice qualifying runs but unfortunately was pushed beyond TOP16. Jeff also participated in PRO series but didn't qualify. Ron Ewerth experienced biggest crash during the whole week but managed to fix the car and qualify for PRO2 series. But didnt advance from Top16 further. Bad luck chased Tony Angelo who still hadn't resolved issues from crash in previous round. Ken Gushi, Dai Yoshihara and Ryan Tuerck held well in competition and only before TOP4 Ryan Tuerck was eliminated by Chris Forsberg, which was a bit contraversial. The podium: 1st Fredric Aasbo, 2nd Odi Bakchis, 3rd Forrest Wang. During the whole weekend I took a lot of videos and about 13'000 photos.. Here are oboard videos of Jeff Wolfson and Dai Yoshihara and some photos.

Jeff Wolfson onboard:

Dai Yoshihara onboard video:

Photo gallery:


I would like to say many thanks to Jeff Wolfson, Dai Yoshihara, Mike Kojima, Team Falken and GT Channel, Formula Drift team. As well as all guys from Despite rain and cold weather this was an amazing week!

Photos, videos, words: Valters Boze, Tune86