Toyota FT-86 in red / black panda color on Option Magazine

Toyota FT-86, Option magazine, red black panda color Toyota AE86, red black panda color scheme Soon after the debut of official FT-86 concept in October, Toyota FT-86 made it to the cover of Option Magazine in Japan. The FT-86 is in red / black panda color scheme. A decked out version of a car that has yet to be revealed in production form and still makes it to a top JDM magazine cover? It is a rarity, to say the least, this will be an enthusiast car! As noted by our readers, this could even be Toyota`s prompt for community input to decide in what colors the Ft-86 should be already from the factory. The red-black "panda" color theme (also white/black) was commonly used on classic Toyota AE86 cars in the 80`s.

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