Toyota FT-86 at Tokyo Motor Show 2009

toyota ft-86 photos at tokyo motor show 2009, debut, premiereTokyo Motor Show 2009 that is held from October 24 to November 4, 2009 was incredible. Of course it was because of the Toyota Motor Corporation industries - Toyota FT-86 concept and Lexus LF-A. At the Tokyo Auto Show, Toyota drew back the covers on its new compact sports car concept, the FT-86. Using a Subaru engine, it has long been rumored that the rear drive car would also be sold as a Subaru, with with an all-wheel drive layout. Now word comes that Suabru’s high-performance STI division is planning a version of the car.

According to AutoExpress, the STI version would offer a larger naturally aspirated (rather than turbocharged) boxer engine. Currently the FT-86 (aka the Toyobaru) uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is rumored to make around 200-hp. The 2.5-liter motor would push the output closer to 250-hp.

An STI version would also get a set of big wheels, flared fenders, a firmer suspension, better brakes and some race-inspired interior treatments.

We don’t expect the production Toyota model to debut until the Geneva Auto Show in March, with the Subaru probably a year behind that. And Toyota hasn`t officially anounced any dates or technical specifications on the car, so the future plan is still unclear

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