Toyota GPS-track day technology in FT-86

ft86 gps track day display on digital gauge cluster lcd displayHave you noticed the three USB ports in the center console of the [b]FT-86 Concept[/b]? It seems as 2 of the 3 ports are in use. And You`ve already seen the display in dashboard with Fuji Speedway map and red dot showing position, altitude, laptimes, corners, checkpoints, etc. Toyota is working with creators of Gran Turismo 5 and automotive technology giant Denso on a new project called "[b]GPS-track day[/b]". It is believed that you could be able to drive your real FT-86 around a real track (given that the track is available on Gran Turismo 5) and then remove the memory card from your car, plug it into your PS3 unit and either "watch" your lap virtually or race against yourself, as your real car appears as the "ghost car" that you battle against.

Insiders tell that this technology would be soon adopted to most Toyota vehicles, FT-86 being the first of course.
So probably the USB ports are just for that - data logging! Probably we also get some digital gauges on the LCD display, cause the screen isn`t there just for the GT5 game, it should serve more purposes than that - media, gps navigation, etc..

Toyota FT-86 concept, USB ports in center console, engine start button

The GPS unit was tested in a fully race-prepped Lexus IS F at the Nurburgring last October. We have a video, that shows how it`s working in GT5, notice the steering wheel is moving identically, so it has to be working!
Gps-track day technology testing video for GT5 with Lexus Is-F

Let`s hope that most of this technology makes it to the production line!

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