Toyota Gran Turismo 5 24-hour race

ft86 gt5 24hour race

As previously announced - the Toyota stand at the Australian International Motor Show was hosting an around-the-clock race like no other when Motor magazine presents the 24-hour Gran Turismo® 5 Challenge.

Two teams - dubbed White and Red after Toyota's corporate colours - competed in the virtual race, piloting the Toyota FT-86G Sports Concept car on PlayStation® 3 (PS3™), Gran Turismo 5 simulator pods.
The 24 drivers in each team race for one hour each, tackling a virtual recreation of the famous 22.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife (northern loop). The first two drivers launched off the virtual starting grid at 3pm on Tuesday, 19 October, and the race concluded at 3pm the following day.

Invited journalists and guests participating in the event include selected motoring writers, automotive and tech bloggers, and specialist gaming media. Neil Crompton from the Seven Network started the race for Team Red.

Former V8 touring car driver Neil Crompton has led his team to a thrilling victory, racing Toyota's FT-86G Sports Concept car in the 24-hour Gran Turismo® 5 Challenge.

The Challenge, presented by MOTOR magazine, was fought out on PlayStation® 3 (PS3™) simulator pods on Toyota's stand at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.

Crompton, now a Network Seven commentator, was the lead driver for "Team Red" in the virtual race around the hallowed 22.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife (northern loop).
Despite the length of the track and the race, Crompton's team completed the twice-around-the-clock race a mere three minutes ahead of its "Team White" rivals.

Each team comprised 24 drivers who raced for one hour each, experiencing a virtual interpretation of the racing capabilities of the FT-86G.

MOTOR magazine editor Andrew MacLean recorded the fastest lap time during the race, laying down a 7m27.36s lap - a time which would place him among the fastest real-world production car lap times at the track.

The lap record for the actual circuit, nicknamed "The Green Hell" by thee-times Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart, is 6m48s.

The aggressive lines of the FT-86G were masterfully recreated by the game's developers, and its inclusion in Gran Turismo 5 offers Toyota fans a virtual interpretation of the car's racing capabilities.
Developed with assistance from Toyota's technical partner GAZOO Racing (the 'G' in FT-86G), the FT-86G Sports Concept was designed to connect with younger drivers and to promote the fun of sports-car driving.

Gran Turismo 5, exclusive to PlayStation 3, is the latest installment of the driving simulation franchise developed by Polyphony Digital Inc.


Former racing-car driver Neil Crompton competing in the 24-Hour Gran Turismo® 5 Challenge, featuring a virtual recreation of Toyota's FT-86G Sports Concept. The real-world car is at the top of the image - on Toyota's stand at the Australian International Motor Show.

(From left) Sony Computer Entertainment's Steve Wherrett, MOTOR magazine editor Andrew MacLean (who achieved the fastest lap) and Toyota Australia's Roxane Persehais.