Tetsuya Yamano show in gymkhana BRZ

SuperGT champion shows off his skills in his gymkhana spec Subaru BRZ

Super GT champion and our dear friend mr Tetsuya Yamano showing his skills in car control, driving his gymkhana spec Subaru BRZ.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/JDM.clips

With no doubt, Yamano is one of the top drivers in Japan. He's won 3 championships in Super GT - 3 years in a row, in 3 different teams, driving 3 different cars (M-TEC NSX, MR-S, RE Amemiya RX-7). And not only in Super GT, he's also become 14 times champion in national autocross series driving various cars (CR-X, Civic, S2000, NSX, Lotus Exige). Currently acting as a Subaru driver, Yamano races in BRZ GT300 race car in 2012 Super GT, and also drives a BRZ in All Japan Gymkhana series.

The stunning pink colored BRZ in this video is the actual car he drives in the autocross. Despite the fact it's merely the first year of competition for BRZ, it's already won some rounds. The machine doesn't have much mods though because of the regulation of the series - suspension, differentials, tires & wheels, and very few safety equipments. So basicially this BRZ is quite in stock condition - meaning that what you see there, is what the driver is doing. Applause to the amazing driver Yamano, and BRZ with great potential!

[Car Info]
Competition: 2012 All Japan Gymkhana
Car: EXEDY 11A BRZ (Subaru BRZ)
Team: Team Driving Magic
Driver: Tetsuya Yamano