Toyota EDT 86 walkaround

Toyota Emirates Drifting Team 86 built by Extreme Performance Garage
Built by Extreme Performance garage, driven by triple champion Ahmed Omran Al-Amri. This is Emirates Drifting Team Toyota GT 86 with 2JZ swap. Of course it comes with many custom upgrades and fabrications, see yourself.

Modified Parts:

  • Engine management System - (Australian – Motec) Model: M800: Programming system that manages and controls the car and its components
  • Turbo Kit: 35 GTX (Japanese-Garrett) Turbo Charger
  • Suspension 3-Way:  (Japanese-Cusco)- Fully adjustable racing suspension
  • Arms + Solid Bosches: (Japanese-Cusco) Improve car’s stability and handling
  • Carbonatic Clutch: (American-Carbonatic)- Carbon made full racing clutch, which is longer lasting and lighter than normal clutches
  • LSD -Limited Slip Differential: (Japan-Cusco)-  Pro adjustable distribution of angular power to axels (wheels)
  • Roll Cage: (Japanese –Cusco)-FIA Certified roll cage (16pts) to enhance the car’s balance and ensure safety of driver at all times
  • Fuel System: Custom Made (Bosch)- The 86’s fuel system was fully upgraded by changing the in-tank fuel pump to deliver the fuel to the fuel catch. Two racing fuel pumps were also added to deliver the fuel to the engine.
  • Rims: (Work Wheels – Custom Made- Light-weight racing rims 
  • Body Works & Foiling: (Tun and Gulf Foil - UAE)- Spot and seam welding, including custom-made engine, transmission mound and drive shaft. Enhance exterior and interior appearance of the car.
  • Carbon fiber parts: (Japanese -TRA Kyoto)-“Rocket Bunny” Body Kit 
  • Seats : (Sparco)- FIA Certified full bucket seats
  • Oil cooler system : (Japanese-Trust)- To maintain adequate oil temperature at all times
  • Exhaust system & Headers: (Titan Racing – American (Headers) & Custom Made Exhaust –UAE)- High performance exhaust system to enable smoother  flow
  • Brake System : (American- Stop Tec)-One of the most famous brake system manufacturers in the world – Fully racing brake system
  • E-Brake : (American-ASD)- Hydraulic hand break used to lock rear tires
  • Long Block : (Japanese-HKS)- 3.4L-This kit is the biggest stroker kit for a 2JZ Toyota engine as it fully utilizes the car’s power up to 1000 HP.
  • Sequential Transmission: (Australian-PPG-  Dog-box, this is a clutchless shift-up shift-down transmission system
  • Radiator: (American-Custom Made)- Custom-made rear radiator 

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