Monster Sport Super 86

Early March 2013, somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture....

Early March 2013, somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture is this heavily modified Monster Sport Toyota 86. Remaining snow in the mountains, unique beat racing engine that is highly tuned to echo still. Jet-black body with a sense of mass penetrates the gaps in the trees. Set up low bonnet. Headlights cut through the air was dignified. Its TOYOTA 86.
Up to every machine pace laps. Ii ran over to dance like a rough road. "Monster" Nobuhiro Tajima driver. Man who was called "King of the Mountain" in the United States Pikes Peak world's top drivers gathered.
During full acceleration, the power that I can not convey to the road even with a huge 20-inch tire will probably. Grip when rising from the corner itself is mighty. 86 for pure competition with a dominant performance that goes beyond common sense. Yes, this is "a super 86"! Now, the new challenge of the monster began.