About Subaru BRZ, technical specs & details

Subaru BRZ 03 photo

Monday Feb 27th is the pre-order date for BRZ in United States! Find your local dealer here: http://www.subaru.com/tools/maps/dealer/find/

US spec Subaru BRZ grades and specifications:

  • 200-hp direct-injected 2.0-liter 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER® engine
  • Close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission or optional adaptive 6-speed automatic transmission with Sport mode and paddle shifters
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Limited-slip rear differential
  • 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
  • Sport-tuned suspension with double wishbone rear architecture
  • HID headlights
  • Cloth upholstery
  • Integrated 8-speaker audio and voice-activated GPS navigation system
  • Bluetooh® audio streaming and hands-free phone connectivity
  • USB/iPod® control
  • HD Radio with iTunes® tagging capability
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio1 and NavTraffic1
  • Leather/Alcantara® upholstery
  • Keyless Access & Start
  • Automatic climate control
  • Heated front seats and side mirrors
  • Fog lights
  • Rear spoiler
1 Activation and required monthly subscription sold separately. Includes 4-month trial subscription. See your dealer
GPS Navigation System Standard
Bluetooth Hand-Free Phone Connectivity Standard
Limited-Slip Differential Standard
High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights Standard
Leather/Alcantara®-Trimmed Upholstery Available
Transmission Paddle Shifters Available
Keyless Entry & Start Available
Automatic Climate Control Available
Horsepower 200 @ 7000 rpm
Torque (lb.-ft.) 151 @ 6400 rpm
Drivetrain Layout Front Engine/Rear Wheel Drive
Length 166.7 in.
Width 69.9 in.
Height 50.6 in.
Wheelbase 101.2 in.
Tire Size 215/45R17
Track (Front/Rear) 59.8 in. / 60.6 in.
Front Suspension MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Double Wishbone
Seating 2 + 2


Video: Subaru engineers and designers explain the thought and execution behind the all-new BRZ.

See video

Video: Subaru engineers and designers explain the thought and execution behind the all-new BRZ.
Get a look at the all-new 2013 Subaru BRZ in action. See how the intelligent design and the low center of gravity help the BRZ caress every curve and blow through every straightaway, the way a sports car was meant to handle the road. Then hear the inspiration and science behind the BRZ, told by the Subaru designers and engineers involved. Get an in-depth look and explanation to every nuance and thought behind this groundbreaking new Subaru sports car.

Press release Japan

TOKYO, Nov. 29, 2011 -- Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, announced its world premiere of "SUBARU BRZ (display model)" at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011. (Open to public from December 3 to 11 at Tokyo Big Sight)

SUBARU BRZ is a rear-wheel drive sports car featuring the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine. It was developed as a joint-project between Subaru and Toyota Motor Corporation, to bring to the world a sports car with superior steering response and driving pleasure that everyone can experience. The Subaru Boxer engine in the BRZ was positioned even lower than other Subaru models so that the BRZ has one of the lowest possible centers of gravity on the market today. This low center of gravity produces astonishing handling character and combined with a light-weight chassis BRZ realizes Subaru's aim for "Pure Handling Delight" -- the driving experience taken to a new level.

Subaru BRZ - Subaru BRZ photo

Major Features


The product concept of BRZ is "Pure Handling Delight." The Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine has inherent qualities of low center of gravity, lightweight, and compactness. These attributes are maximized by placing this engine even lower and closer to the center of the chassis. These factors contributed to BRZ's low center of gravity -- one of the lowest possible. The BRZ is a fun sports car that any driver can enjoy driving with peace of mind.


  • "Ultra-low Center of Gravity Package"

The BRZ has a low-mounted Boxer engine on a specially designed sub-frame that forms an "ultra-low center of gravity package".  With this arrangement, BRZ achieved a low driving position typical of a sports car. Overall height of BRZ is 1,300 mm and it has a wide and low body of a stylish coupe at 1775mm. Yet, it allows for 2+2 seating and a trunk with ample space. Not only is the BRZ a sports car, but it can also be a suitable partner for long tours with its unexpected utility.

  • Exterior

Subaru aimed for a sports car design that instinctively conveys the car's fun-to-drive character. In addition, it was detailed to be instantly recognizable as a Subaru.

  • Front fascia

The "ultra-low center of gravity package" also allowed a low hood design. This low hood and bulging front fenders raise expectations for the BRZ's drivability. Also, to communicate the Subaru identity the Subaru six-star ornament, headlights and hexagon lower grille follow the Subaru design motif common across new Subaru models.

  • Side

The low center of gravity enhances BRZ's sensuous beauty with its shapely fender flares. The aesthetic beauty is combined with functional beauty that advances aerodynamics through such areas as the C-pillar shape, rear glass inclination, trunk lid layout. As would be expected from a sports car, the front and rear overhangs were shortened to express the BRZ's liveliness. The front fender is accentuated with a distinctive garnish.

  • Rear fascia

The projecting rear wheel arches sit by way of contrast to the compact cabin and emphasizes the beauty of the BRZ's rear view.

  • Interior

Details were carefully designed to allow a new level of fun-to-drive experience in which the driver and vehicle become one.

- The steering wheel was made smaller to achieve sports car maneuverability.
- A tachometer with digitally displayed speedometer is placed in the center of the gauges so that the driver can instantly see information without diverting attention from the road.
- Bespoke sports car seats were designed to hold the driver and passenger and feature lowered sitting positions to match the "ultra-low center of gravity package".

360-Degree Panorama of BRZ Interior


  • Engine

Making full use of the design concept of the new-generation Boxer engine, the newly developed engine made exclusively for the BRZ is highly efficient with superior output and environmental friendliness. It realizes an exhilarating high revving nature of a naturally aspirated sports engine.

- It has square bore and stroke of 86 X 86 mm.
- Due to the joint development with Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota's direct injection and port injection technology "D-4S" was incorporated in the BRZ's power unit.
- To achieve the "ultra-low center of gravity package", the engine as a whole has been made more compact by such means as adopting the shorter intake manifold and the shallower oil pan.

  • Transmission

The joy of sports car driving was realized through a transmission that focuses on shift feel and response.

- The 6-speed MT employs a short stroke shift lever. The lever was optimized in rigidity, shift quality and weight application in its pursuit of a superb shift feel.
- The 6-speed AT has "S mode" for better shifting response and "M mode" for optional shifting. Also, with the paddle shift and downshifting blipping control, this model can respond faithfully to the driver's inputs.

  • Body

The lightweight yet highly-rigid body was developed exclusively to maximize the advantages of the "ultra-low center of gravity package".

- Low center of gravity and low driving position were achieved by the perimeter type body frame layout.
- The body has a rigid and durable frame structure that also works in balance with the vehicle's light-weight. The rigidity is optimized for high drivability and appropriate durability is maintained for collision safety.
- High tensile steel was used in the body to contribute to weight reduction. Effective use of this material in the upper structure of the BRZ contributed to its low center of gravity.
- The front hood employs aluminum for lightness. The structure was fine-tuned for a low styling that also improves pedestrian protection performance.

  • Chassis

Excellent maneuverability and stability of the "ultra-low center of gravity package" offers direct and sharp response to steering and enhances driver's connection to the car

- The front suspension employs struts for light-weight and high rigidity, while a double wishbone layout is adopted at the rear for better shock absorption.
- To gain a low front hood from the "ultra-low center of gravity package", the front strut mount was lowered while maintaining the stroke.
- The tires are 215/45R17 combined with lightweight and highly rigid aluminum wheels.
- All models are equipped with electronic stability control to provide both driving pleasure and safety.

Major Specifications

Overall Length X Width X Height (mm) / (in)

4,240 X 1,775 X 1,300

170 X 70 X 52

Wheelbase (mm) / (in)

2,570 / 101

Curb weight (kg) / (lb)

1,220 / 2,689 *1*2

Maximum output (kw(PS)) / hp

147(200) / 200 *1

Maximum torque (N.m(kg.m)) / (lb/ft)

205(20.9) / 151 *1

Power unit


2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed Boxer

Direct Injection engine




Drive train

Rear-wheel drive


front: strut / rear: double wishbone

Tire size




*1 reference value


*2 average value


車種 Car model RA R S
2.0 DOHC
ストラット式フロントサスペンション Strut front suspension
ダブルウィッシュボーン式リヤサスペンション Double wishbone rear suspension
215/45R17タイヤ 215/45R17 tires
205/55R16タイヤ 205/55R16 tires
17インチアルミホイール(ガンメタリック塗装+切削光輝) 17-inch aluminum wheels (gunmetal painted bright cutting +)
16インチアルミホイール(ガンメタリック塗装+切削光輝) 16-inch alloy wheels (gunmetal painted bright cutting +)
16インチフロントベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキ(専用ブレーキパッド付) 16 inches front ventilated disc brakes (with brake pads only)
15インチフロントベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキ 15 inches front ventilated disc brakes
15インチリヤベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキ 15 inches rear ventilated disc brakes
15インチリヤディスクブレーキ 15 inches rear disc brake
トルセンLSD [リミテッド・スリップ・デフ] Torusen LSD [limited-slip differential]
Vタワーバー V Tower Bar
ロアメンバーブレース Lower brace member
アダプティブ制御付トランスミッション Transmission with adaptive control
(ダウンシフトブリッピングコントロール付)(AT車) (With a downshift blipping control) (car AT)
フロント&リヤスタビライザー Front & rear stabilizer
HIDハイ&ロービームランプ[ヘッドランプレベライザー(オート)、LEDポジショニングランプ付] High and low beam HID lamps [lamp Reberaiza head (auto), with LED lamp positioning]
フロントフォグランプ(マルチリフレクター式) Front fog lights (a multi-reflector)
オートライト Auto Light
電動格納式リモコンドアミラー(カラード) Remote control electric retractable door mirrors (colored)
電動リモコンドアミラー(ブラック) Electric remote door mirror (black)
ヒーテッドドアミラー Heated door mirrors
[全車標準装備] ●フロントワイパー(マルチ拡散式ウォッシャー連動 間けつ時間調整式) ●リヤウインドゥデフォッガー(タイマー付) ● Front wiper [standard equipment on all models] ● Wind ~U Defogga rear (adjustable intermittent time multi-diffusion equation in conjunction washer) (with timer)
本革巻ステアリングホイール(赤ステッチ) Leather-wrapped steering wheel (red stitching)
本革巻シフトノブ(MT車) Leather-wrapped shift knob (car MT)
本革巻セレクトレバー(AT車) Leather-wrapped select lever (car AT)
本革巻ハンドブレーキレバー&ブーツ(赤ステッチ) Leather-wrapped hand brake lever & Boots (red stitch)
パドルシフト(AT車) Paddle shift (car AT)
ATスポーツ/スノーモードスイッチ(AT車) AT Sports / Snow mode switch (car AT)
VSC(VDC)スポーツモードスイッチ VSC (VDC) Sport mode switch
アルミパッド付スポーツペダル[アクセル、ブレーキ、クラッチ(MT車)、フットレスト] Sport pedals with aluminum pads [accelerator, brake, clutch (car MT), footrest]
フルオートエアコン(左右独立温度調整機能、クリーンフィルター付) Fully automatic air conditioning (left and right independent temperature adjustment function, with Kurinfiruta)
マニュアルエアコン(クリーンフィルター付) Manual air conditioning (with Kurinfiruta)
エアコンレス(クリーンフィルター付) Less air conditioning (with Kurinfiruta) ヒーター機能のみ Only heater function
レッドスポーツメーター Red Sports meter
(デジタルスピードメーター内蔵、イルミネーションコントロール付) (Built-in digital speedometer, with illumination control)
インフォメーションメーター(外気温/瞬間燃費・平均燃費/ODO&TRIP) Meter information (/ ODO & TRIP average fuel consumption instantaneous fuel consumption / outside temperature)
REVインジケーター REV indicator
シフトアップインジケーター(MT車) Shift-up indicator (car MT)
シフトポジションインジケーター Shift position indicator
キーレスアクセス&プッシュスタート注1 Keyless access and push start a Note
アンサーバック機能付電波式リモコンドアロック Radio remote control door lock with answer back function
イモビライザー(盗難防止用エンジン始動ロックシステム) 注1 Immobilizer (anti-theft locking system for starting the engine) Note 1 アラーム機能 Alarm function
[全車標準装備] ●電動パワーステアリング ●チルト&テレスコピックステアリング ●パワーウインドゥ(オフディレイ&反転装置、インデックスシステム付) ●集中ドアロック ●リモコントランクオープナー ●デジタル時計 ●半ドア表示モニター ●燃料残量ウォーニングランプ ●運転席&助手席シートベルト未装着ウォーニングランプ&ブザー ●イグニッションキー照明(キーレスアクセス&プッシュスタート非装着車) Power tilt and telescopic steering steering ● ● Wind power electric ~U ● [standard equipment on all models] (reversing device off and delay, with index system) monitor fuel level warning ● ● Clock display door half door lock remote trunk opener ● ● ● Digital intensive warning lamp and buzzer ● the ignition key lighting is not installed the driver's seat and front passenger seat belt lamp ● (non-vehicles equipped with keyless access and push-start)
6スピーカー(フロント4+リヤ2) 6 speakers (4 front + rear 2)
2スピーカー(フロント2) Two speakers (two front)
スピーカーレス Speaker less
ルーフアンテナ Roof antenna
シート材質 Sheet material トリコット/ Tricot /
トリコット Tricot
トリコット/ Tricot /
トリコット Tricot
ファブリック/トリコット Fabric / tricot
アルカンターラ/本革シート(フロントシートヒーター付) 注3 Alcantara leather seats / (with front seat heaters) Note 3
フロントシートスライド&リクライニング Front seat slide and recline 運転席前倒しストラップ付 Ahead of the driver's seat with a strap
運転席シートリフター(レバー式) Seat driver's seat lifter (lever type)
助手席ウォークインスライド Walk-in sliding passenger seat
助手席シートバックポケット Passenger seat back pocket
[全車標準装備] ●一体可倒式リヤシート ●上下調整式フロントシートヘッドレスト Adjustable front seat headrests rear seat up and down on earth retractable ● ● [standard equipment on all models]
シルバー加飾[インパネセンターサイド、シフトパネル、ドアグリップ、エアベントグリル、アルミセンターベンチルーバーノブ] Decorative silver [center instrument panel side, shift panel, door grips, air vent grille, aluminum louver bench center knob] パネルセンター Center panel
メッキインナードアハンドル Plated inner door handles
ドアトリム(赤ステッチ)[アームレスト、ショルダーパッド] Trim (red stitch) [armrest, shoulder pad]
ニーパッド(運転席・助手席)(赤ステッチ) Kneepads (driver's seat and passenger seat) (red stitch)
ステンレス製サイドシルプレート(アシストパッド付) Stainless steel sill plate (with assist pad)
脱着式前席カップホルダー Removable front seat cup holders
サンバイザー(運転席・助手席) Sun visor (driver's seat and passenger seat) バニティミラー Vanity mirror バニティミラー+照明付 + Illuminated vanity mirror
フレームレスインナーミラー Inner frameless mirror
DC12V/120W電源ソケット Power socket DC12V/120W 1ヶ A month 2ヶ 2 months 2ヶ 2 months
ドアカーテシーランプ Door courtesy lamp ー
トランクルームランプ Trunk room lamp
トランクトリム Trunk trim
トランクリッドトリム Trunk lid trim
トランクマット Trunk mat
インテークマニホールドカバー Intake manifold cover
[全車標準装備] ●グローブボックス ●ドアボトルホルダー ●インパネポケット ●オフディレイルームランプ(スイッチ付) ● glove box door bottle holder ● ● ● pocket instrument panel room lamp off delay [standard equipment on all models (with switch)
フロント&リヤバンパー(カラード) Front and rear bumpers (colored)
デュアルテールパイプ Dual tail pipe 大型マフラーカッター Large muffler cutter 大型マフラーカッター Large muffler cutter
リヤスポイラー Rear spoiler
フルフロアアンダーカバー(フロア下、燃料タンク下) Under cover full floor (under floor, under the fuel tank)
エンジンアンダーカバー(アルミ製) Engine under cover (aluminum)
フロアサイレンサー Floor silencer
アウトサイドドアハンドル Outside door handles ブラック(無塗装) Black (unpainted) カラード Colored カラード Colored
UVカットガラス UV cut glass 全面 Full フロント、フロントドア Front, front door フロント(トップシェード付)、フロントドア Front (with top shade), the front door
UVカット機能付濃色ガラス(リヤクォーター、リヤ) Dark-colored glass with UV cut function (Rear Quarter, Rear)
[全車標準装備] ●フロントフェンダーガーニッシュ ●リヤガーニッシュ ●リヤディフューザー ●チッピングプロテクター ●トランスミッションアンダーカバー ●エアフラップ(フロント・リヤ) ●トーボードインシュレーター ●フードインシュレーター ● front fender rear garnish garnish ● ● ● Chipping protector rear diffuser transmission ● ● Air flap under cover [standard equipment on all models (Front & Rear) ● ● toe board insulator hood insulator
EBD (電子制御制動力配分システム付)4センサー4チャンネルABS EBD 4 sensor 4 channel ABS (with electronic brake force distribution system)
VDC [ビークルダイナミクスコントロール] VDC [Vehicle Dynamics Control
デュアルSRSエアバッグ Dual SRS airbag
SRSサイドエアバッグ+SRSカーテンエアバッグ SRS side airbags + SRS curtain air bag
[全車標準装備] ●ハイマウントストップランプ ●セイフティペダル[ブレーキペダル、クラッチペダル(MT車)] ●セイフティフットレスト ●クラッチスタートシステム(MT車) ●プリテンショナー&可変ロードリミッター付フロント3点式ELRシートベルト(シートベルトホルダー付) ●リヤ3点式ELRシートベルト ●ISO FIXチャイルドシート対応構造&テザーアンカー(後席)注4 ● ● high mount stop lamp pedal safety [standard equipment on all models] [brake pedal, clutch pedal (car MT)] ● ● footrest safety clutch start system with front pre-tensioners and load limiters ● variable (car MT) ELR three-point seatbelt ● Rear (with seat belt holder) and tether anchor structure ELR seat belt ● ISO FIX child seat support 3-point (rear seat) Note 4

注1植え込み型心臓ペースメーカー等の機器をご使用の方は、電波により医療用電気機器に影響を及ぼすおそれがあります。 How you are using, you may affect your ability to electro-medical apparatus by radio devices such as implantable cardiac pacemaker: a Note. 詳しくは販売店にお問い合わせいただくか、取扱説明書をお読みください。 For more information please contact your dealer, please read the instruction manual.
注2 :国土交通省認可品です。 Approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is Note 2:.
注3 :シートの側面と背面及びヘッドレストの背面に合成皮革を使用しています。 You are using a synthetic leather on the back of the headrest and the back and side of the sheet: Note 3.
注4使用できるのはSUBARU BRZ用として認可を受けたISO FIX対応SUBARU純正チャイルドシートのみです。 Note 4: You can only use SUBARU genuine support ISO FIX child seat approved for SUBARU BRZ. チャイルドシートは後席で使用してください。 Please use child safety seat in the rear seat.

■トルセンは株式会社ジェイテクトの登録商標です。 ■ Torusen is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.
■VSCはトヨタ自動車株式会社の登録商標です。 ■ VSC is a registered trademark of Toyota Motor Corporation.
■ALCANTARA®、アルカンターラ®はAlcantara SpAの登録商標です。 ■ ALCANTARA ®, Alcantara ® is a registered trademark of Alcantara SpA.
■スペアタイヤの替わりにタイヤパンク修理キットが搭載されます。 ■ puncture repair kit tire will be mounted in place of the spare tire.

※16インチフロントベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキは高性能なブレーキパッドを採用し、ブレーキ性能を高めたため、ブレーキの鳴きやブレーキダストが出やすい傾向にあります。 ※ 16 inch front ventilated disc brakes tend to have high-performance brake pads in order to adopt, enhanced braking performance, brake dust and squeal of brakes out easily.

トランスミッション Transmission

車種 Car model RA / R(MT車) / S(MT車) RA / R / S (vehicle MT) (car MT) R(AT車)/ S(AT車) R / S (vehicle AT) (car AT)
å¤‰é€Ÿæ©Ÿå½¢å¼ Transmission format 6MT 6MT
å‰é€²6速 後退1速 6-speed forward and 1 reverse speed
E-6AT(マニュアルモード付) E-6AT (with manual mode)
å‰é€²6速 後退1速 6-speed forward and 1 reverse speed
変速比(第1速) Transmission ratio (speed 1) 3.626 3.538
変速比(第2速) Transmission ratio (speed 2) 2.188 2.060
変速比(第3速) Transmission ratio (speed 3) 1.541 1.404
変速比(第4速) Transmission ratio (speed 4) 1.213 1.000
Transmission ratio (speed 5) 1.000 0.713
変速比(第6速) Transmission ratio (speed 6) 0.767 0.582
変速比(後退) Transmission ratio (recession) 3.437 3.168
減速比 Reduction ratio (Vehicles equipped with 16 inch wheels) 3.727 /
(Vehicles equipped with wheels 17 inches) 4.100

■製造事業者 富士é‡å·¥æ¥­æ ªå¼ä¼šç¤¾ â–  manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

SOURCE Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

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