Toyota 86 TRD edition

Toyota 86 TRD Performance line, TRD 86 ZN6

All installed Parts List

Front Spoiler
Side Skirt
Rear Under Spoiler
Rear Trunk Spoiler
18 inch Aluminum Wheel 'SF2' or 'TF6'
(Forged) & Tires (Michelin)
Oil Filler Cap
Fuel Cap Cover
Sports Seat
Sports Meter Link System
(Water Temp., Oil Temp., Oil Pressure)
Push Start Switch
Shift Knob
Mechanical Parts
Full-length Ride Adjustment Suspension Set
(40-way Damping Adjustment)
Stabilizer Set (Front & Back)
Mono Block Brake Kit
Brake Caliper Front: 6 pot , Rear: 4 pot
Brake Rotor Front: 355 mm, Rear: 345 mm
High Response Muffler Ver.R
Rear Diffuser Set
Door Stabilizer
Front Strut Tower Bar (Carbon)
Member Brace Set
Radiator Cap

Sports upgrades

TRD Racing seats:
   trd toyota gt 86 20 photo

TRD Sports muffler Ver.R

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 Toyota86 04 - Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 Toyota86 04 photo

TRDToyota864 photo

TRD 86 big brake kit (6pot front, 4pot rear calipers)

For wheels and brakes, TRD offers a nicely designed 18-inch SF2 wheel, which is a one-piece forged aluminum wheel. The Big Brake Kit comes with 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston rear calipers with massive 14-inch rotors in the front and the rears are just slightly smaller at 13.6-inch. The BBK comes with new brake pads and stainless steel braided lines of course.

Toyota 86, TRD 86 performance line, big brake kit, 6pot calipers, 14in brake rotor, adjustable suspension coilover

Photo: TRD braided hoses, brake lines, Trd Toyota 86 performance line upgrade parttrd toyota gt 86 12 photo

Photo: TRD brake pads for Toyota 86 TRD performance line

18 inch Aluminum Wheel 'SF2'
(Forged) & Tires (Michelin)

trd toyota gt 86 11 photo

TF6 styling forged wheels (R18 x 7.5JJ, ET46)

Photo TF6 TRD wheel for Toyota 86 TRD performance line. R18 x 7.5JJ, ET46

Photo: Toyota 86 TRD performance line with TF6 styling wheels

TRD adjustable suspension:

trd toyota gt 86 16 photo

TRD Strut / tower bar brace:

Toyota 86 TRD 86 performance line. Engine bay photo. TRD strut tower bar brace, oil cap, radiator cap, enginebay

Door stabilizer:

According to Kazuyuki Shimizu: The door of the car I'll have a gap between the door and body. The moment you operate the steering, but very few in that there is this gap, will be delayed reaction of the car body is twisted. Is set to "zero" the gap by putting a spacer-shaped "wedge" to this gap there. You can finish as "clean" the vehicle can react from the moment you operate the steering in doing so, get a quick response. TRD door stabilizer for TRD Toyota 86 performance line. The door of the car I'll have a gap between the door and body. ステアリングを操作

trd door stabilizer

Anti-roll bar and member braces:

anti-roll bar stabilizer

Toyota 86 TRD performance line member braces under the car. photo of TRD cross member braces

TRD triple meters (water temp, oil temp, oil pressure gauges)

Photo: TRD triple meters set, gauges for Toyota 86 TRD performance line. Water temp gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure.

TRD 86 Photos:


TRD website:
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